Watch Nick and Ernie stunt The Queen Mary

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During its service as an ocean liner, from 1936 to 1967 (with a brief interlude as a troopship during WWII), RMS Queen Mary was considered one of the largest and most elegant vessels ever. Throw two Triumph Speed Triples and a trials bike on it, plus Nick Brocha, Ernie Vigil and trials star Damon Barda, and it starts to look positively cramped though.

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Nick, Ernie and other athletes will be competing in the XDL show at the Queen Mary next month. You should go watch.

  • Aaron

    Don’t want to be “that” guy, but that is a Street Triple.

    • Wes Siler

      Really? I’ll take a closer look.

      • Ashlee Goodwin

        Same bikes they’ve been using.

    • jpenney

      Hah, just watched and came to make this same comment. That’s clearly a double sided swingarm and the frame is not the twin tube style of the Speed.

  • Scott-jay

    Fav trick: Barda’s ride up narrow ‘canyon’ of white steel walls toward deck.

  • slowtire

    Some guys just have all the fun! Great promo.

  • ~RUSH~

    Yep, Nick and Ernie normally drift on their Speedies, and stunt with their Striples.

  • Keith

    Clicked to watch and
    “this video is private”
    came up. ??

    • wwalkersd


  • Des Stapleton

    same here?

  • Keith

    All good now. Cool vid :)