Watch Stormtroopers ride motocross

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A long time ago, in a gallery far, far away, Stormtroopers spent their days off like anyone else on Tatooine, jumping MX bikes over the dunes and roughing up a few Jawas. Way more fun than any AT/AT.

Thanks for the tip, Brian.

  • mik lo

    No bobo fet = fail

    • Tim

      Never understood the fan love of Boba Fett. I just remember how he died in episode IV, screaming like a baby after having his jet pack get turned on by accident. What a dufus.

  • RSassi
  • Mykola

    If only they would practice as enthusiastically at the firing range

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    This video makes no sense, but I’m ok with it.

  • Jesse

    All in.

  • motronics

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan and always thought the transmission whine on my Daytona 675 with stock exhaust made it sound a bit like a speeder bike. At one time I thought it would be cool to have a Scout Trooper helmet to fun around in but I always wondered how safe it would be with what seems to be a complete lack of peripheral vision. Wonder how it affected these guys. No traffic in the middle of the desert of course but still seems scary to me. Regardless that was an awesome video. The Ronald Jenkees remix for the soundtrack was all win.

    • nick2ny

      Just account for it and you’ll be fine. Same as riding in the rain, with an eyelash in your eye, or on a bike with a broken clutch cable.

  • brian

    That’s why I love my AGV AX-8 in white with the dark shield…totally looks like a stormtrooper.

  • Gregory

    I’ve had no rear brake (melted hydraulic tube)… from Vacaville to Portland…

    but no clutch cable? How’d you shift?


  • Gene

    For a change the music was PERFECT! And whoever did the costumes & props knew his shit.

  • pplassm

    The Empire loves two strokes!

  • mugget

    The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

    Thanks for nothing, Brian.

    But now I am really interested to see the video…

  • mugget

    Looks like a few copies of this video have popped up on YouTube…