Watch the world’s weakest police chase

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News in LA yesterday morning was abuzz with talk of a “high speed pursuit” between CHP officers and a unnamed rider. A helicopter had time to respond to the scene, virtually assuring an arrest, but now that we’ve watched the chase, we think it’s safe to say the words “high speed” were used with some creative liberty. Isn’t this just how people ride in LA all day, every day?

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  • RWerksman

    Yeah, random motorcycle cop.

    How fast was the guy going anyway, like 70?

  • Tom

    Wow, I think I go faster than that on my way to work. Great police work, really?

  • Troy R

    Did this guy even know he was being chased? Cruising along, all the sudden you see a CHP RT in front of you with gun drawn…:)

    • wwalkersd

      Clearly, the way he got off the freeway, pulled over, looked for following traffic, and then got back on the freeway, he knew he was being chased.

      • Troy R

        Maybe he just forgot which exit the 7/11 was?

  • Case

    If you didn’t drivelike that in la you would never get anywhere. Lame. At least the guy didn’t end as road smear.

  • longtravel

    Guy seemed pretty surprised to find that big BMW in front of him. I’m not sure he could have thrown the bike down and done that belly flop any faster once that gun came out. I’d hardly call that resisting.

    Just another “REALLY!?” moment in the relationship between law enforcement and motorcyclists.

  • duncanbojangles

    Fuck that cop. Also, I’m sure someone’s gonna come along and say, “The cop had no way of knowing whether or not the motorcyclist was dangerous and therefore had to use the amount of force he did in order to subdue the criminal” and to that I say, “That motorcyclist sure looked like he was ready for an easy arrest and didn’t want a cop kneeling on his spine.”

  • Coreyvwc

    Uh huh…. Looks like a pretty average southern California motorcycle commute. CHP being over zealous as usual, local news sensationalizing a minor story. Yay for American fear mongering…

  • ozgeek

    Pretty excessive for lane splitting.
    Like Wes said – pretty normal every day riding except for the bit where you get a gun pointed at you and a popo kneeling on your spine – I hope he was wearing a back protector.

  • mmike

    I wish we could put bark collars on reporters that shocked the hell out of them any time they uttered the phrase “high rate of speed.”

  • The Blue Rider

    The way he came off the bike (putting it down and starting to turn to face the officer) he’s lucky the cop didn’t shoot him 15 or 20 times for being “aggressive” or something.

    The way the bodies are piling up these last couple of weeks, I really do think we’ve become a nation of fear and terror. Love the media sycophancy about how “these guys won’t get away”, yadda yadda… Get down and suck the cock of power, you fucking media vultures… I bet they were disappointed when nobody died.

    What did he even do to get chased in the first place?

  • RT Moto

    I like the “looks like he put up a fight” Well, when you have a fat ass cop sitting on you pulling your arm in a way that wasn’t meant to be pulled you’re going to squirm no matter how much of a bad ass you are. The media and the cops are in it for the suspense. Not for dishing out facts or “protecting and serving”.

    • guerrila

      I guess if by “put up a fight” you mean “dropped his bike on the ground, layed down and rolled over with his hands behind his back”…then yeah, dude put up a hell of a fight.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    What a farce.
    Can anyone identify the bike? Just curious…

    • NewOldSchool

      Ruff Ryders only ride liter bikes brahhhhhhh

      • Jeromy

        I think it’s a Buell

    • Tony T.

      Looks like a 2011/2012 yamaha to me.

  • DavidMG

    I’m watching this without having read anything about the video and I’m thinking “that doesn’t look bad to me” until he gets off the highway and comes back on. That’s when he started going quite a bit faster and changing lanes pretty aggressively. Nothing to see here.

    • Bronson

      Seriously! Talk about the media making something out of nothing. What did this rider do in the first place to get the cops and helicopter after him?

  • Keith


  • filly-fuzz

    Cops are fat and have inferiority complexes
    American media is retarded and high on coke

    These are the things i took away from the video
    What did everyone else learn?

    • Fizzy Fox


  • AHA

    Wow. Watching from outside the US and that seems pretty barbaric by the cops. I know the US police use a lot more force upfront than is usually the case here in Europe. They don’t like anyone messing with them I hear – especially CHP. Over here, the cops have to put up with a lot of verbal shit and do nothing. Looked like little more than a case of poor filtering technique. They could easily have pulled him over, let him take his helmet off and left the highway open or no? I hope he sues for damage to his neck. Why did the bike cop let the clueless cager cop take the helmet off?

  • Justin

    put the kickstands down. no need to scratch up perfectly good bikes.

    • Ben W

      I imagine that, with a gun to my head, I might just forget the kickstand.

      Hell, I’ve forgotten it for no reason at all.

    • Case

      Oh they fucked it up something proper when they took it to impound. The drop was just the beginning.

  • RioRanchoNM

    Obviously CHP does not have weight restrictions on their officers.

  • stempere

    “The officer [...] he’s in good shape” the guys that said that must be one hell of a fat ass to think that.

    That is fucking nonsense, reporters making shit up (speed, violence, resisting arrest etc.) on the spot and taking the good citizen stance. What the fuck has this guy done to deserve a violent arrest like that, being physically restrained and having a gun pointed at him?
    You may still consider yourself the “Land of the free” but i prefer living in a country where police brutality isn’t applauded.

    • RioRanchoNM

      Exactly. The guy was not resisting. He had a knee in his back. I would be kicking and squirming in pain too.

    • Ben W

      It’s all about ratings.

  • Tim

    Glad they had so many cops there to handle a minor traffic incident. So many WTF moments on this tape. Gotta say, the reporter and the cops come off looking like idiots and savages. I know the police have a tough job but this is nuts. Calm down and show some professionalism.

  • Zirq

    I saw this the other day and thought the same thing. What a yawn.

    As you put it, that’s pretty much an everyday commute. If you’re going to sit in traffic you might as well do so from the comfort of a steel cage with air conditioning.

    He may have been going 80-85, max. That’s hardly high speed. I generally split if I end up in traffic going under 70mph. Reckless? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

    Btw – what a pussy. If you’re going to go as far as being chased, why give up so easily? There was plenty of room to get around that CHP motorcycle officer. Better yet, ram into the side of him! Sensational!

    PS – Someone needs to get better at their panic stops. Too much rear brake.

  • Scott-jay

    Adey, Adey! You OK man?

    • Zirq


  • T Diver

    Favorite part is the cops struggling to pick up their bike. Otherwise looks like a typical day in LA. You look ahead when splitting lanes, not in your mirrors. side note, if there are multiple bikes, it helps to split in the same lane. Cars get confused.

  • stempere

    Check out how they do it in France.
    At 12:05 a guy passes cops at around 200kph (125mph) instead of 90kph (55mph). They follow him, force him to stop, talk to him and give him a ticket.
    No gun, no violence.

    The kicker: the ticket is only 90€ ($110).
    Because they have no radar they can only give him a ticket for excessive speed (with a radar, he would have paid around 1500€ and lost his license for at least 6 months, because it’s more than 50kph above the limit, but no radar means no measure).

  • Campisi

    Arrest at gunpoint? Really? Also, I get the rider dropping his bike in the rush to lay on the ground, but what’s Officer Dumpty’s excuse?

    Being a former journalist who has grown callused to savage pigs, the “journalists” interviewing the officer over the phone took the cake for me. The male put forth a mediocre yet expected performance, but the female may as well have been the prosecuting attorney. Even the cop acted like he had to tone her words down ever so slightly.

  • markbvt

    Poor guy was probably just late for work…

  • Ganesh

    WTF – I am scared to lane split and commute to work. Seriously does anyone know what he did wrong?

  • Joel

    dang motacicle drivers, they don’t know we got the flying whirlycoptors

  • Gregory

    Looks like a normal commute here in Seoul. What was this guy’s alleged crime exactly? He doesn’t seem to be doing anything illegal.

    Couldn’t he have kicked it down a gear and veered to the left?

    Those cops look fat.

    Most delivery guys here– 110cc or 125cc mostly, with the occassional 250cc– ride more dangerously than this fellow.

    Seoul, Korea

  • CafeDucati

    FOR REAL!?!?? The female reporter states “he put up a fight”,.. I f%$@ing LOATHE reporters for these idiotic and blatently incorrect reports.

    The rider was probably just on a relaxing ride, lane splitting.

    He might have been doing 90 and seemed totally confident, unrushed, unstressed. Especitally on a bike that has the capacity for 175mph +.

    The lemings of our great society will buy off on anything in print or in the media. So convince the majority of the public and you can rule,.. (democracy in action).

  • Fizzy Fox

    I live in L.A.

    The Sheriff’s Dept. (CHP) is nothing more than a glorified gang of thugs. They are totally unprofessional in almost every way.

    LAPD, on the other hand, has their shit together, for the most part.

    I’m curious to know what started this “pursuit”, but from the looks of this video, CHP was way overreacting. That guy wasn’t riding any crazier than 90% of the motorcycles do on any given morning commute.

  • mugget

    For the first part, it just looked like a good demonstration of safe highway filtering!

    Then he got off the freeway and ran a stop sign… the camera angle after he got back on the freeway looked like he was taking smaller gaps than before – but fair play! A gap is a gap!