What this pair of boobs has to do with a pair of boots

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I come from a fashion background and I love motorsports. When I was asked to write for Post New, I wanted to post about my passion for bikes, cars etc, but from my unique perspective. Since there are no boundaries with the site, I can produce shots of a mostly naked model wearing just boots and a neck brace.

I had a simple crash that left me with a Lisfranc fracture which is not a simple injury. A few little broken bones are one thing, but the separation is the culprit to my pain and the reason for my now 3 permanent screws. Although I was wearing full gear, clearly something went wrong. Since my crash, I have a personal mission to find the best boots.

I was only writing about those pieces anyway, so it makes complete sense to me. If you think I am suggesting one to ride like that, then you are just daft.

It is also an homage to Helmut Newton, he was one of the most famous fashion photographers ever.  Ironically, he is known for his nudes and would also shoot models in braces, canes and heels. Since I am crutching along right now, it weighs heavy on my mind.

I totally appreciate more traditional Motorsport reporting and photography, and I am actually working on a few pieces on some masters in those fields. But for me, I can only do what I feel. Racing, riding and driving is so much more to me inside that sometimes my abstract and esoteric representation is the only way I can express it.

R1-rider Kate Erwin works as the fashion editor for Intersection Magazine, is a contributor to Complex and helps the Deth Killers move asphalt-resistant jeans. She’s recently started recording her life at Post New

You can see the full, NSFW (OMG, boobies!) version of this image in the gallery below. Make sure you’re logged in first.

  • cafe_racer

    Oooh I had a Lisfranc to my right foot too! Simple lowside in the rain on lane paint. The ONE time I was riding across town in desert boots, not moto boots… Imagine having your foot bent down and wrapped around the footpeg. Ouch. Wear the gear.

    Oh and BTW — H O T !

  • nymoto

    Thank you.

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    Now I def need the gallery clicky thing fixed!

    I am logged in and when I click on the gallery I just get routed back to the main article

    • David

      yep. me too…

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      Yep. I concur.

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      this. need to see the boobs.

  • mik lo

    Coolest chick EVERRR!!

  • Tim

    Yep, the ?gal=1 was left off the end of the link address.

    Try this one for boob pleasure, I mean photos of safety gear…


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Nice catch. I’ll see if I can figure out why the link is getting randomly clipped.

  • matt

    Single purpose, motivated missions are the only thing that make progress in engineering and design, in my opinion.

    I empathize with your injury and suffering, and cheer your choice to channel this event.

    You are clearly intelligent. Please dig in. Does the leatt solution really work to prevent neck injuries on the street?I read, I don’t know if this equipement works. I race, I have a race license, and a race bike. I see no-one, not one person racing with a leatt (or alpine stars, or anyone else’s) neck brace this season.

    Safety differences between race and riding boots are not obvious. Plenty of opportunity here.

    Lab testing is one thing, and it’s an important thing; but real hand to hand experience with safety equipment and injury is the real deal. Messier, but more informative.

    I hope that you heal up and get back out there soon.