Born to be a good deal on a first bike

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Know any cruiser types looking for a good deal on a first bike? ATK is knocking out some new old stock GV250s on the cheap, dropping the price from $3,999 to $3,250. The air/oil-cooled v-twin looks the part, but weighs just 368lbs. Compare that to Harley’s lightest bike, the 563lbs, $7,999 Sportster 883 Superlow and you can see the appeal.

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Visit ATK’s website to find your local dealer.

*This is the carb’d model, so no sales in CA. The fuel-injected GV is available there for $4,250.

  • Dani Peral

    They should put that discount on GT250′s and GT650′s…here all of them have it.

    Here for 3250 you get a GT250 or for 3600 a GT250R…they are full size bikes, you can only tell the faired one is a 250cc for the stickers…everyone will think its a 600cc. Also great looks :)

    • Sean Smith

      It’s pretty easy to tell when you ride it; slower than a cbr or ninja 250.

    • Dani Peral

      Yeah they are quite heavy.

  • Mark D [EX500]

    That video wins the Unintentional Humor award for the week.

    • Case

      568 lbs./$7,999 for an 883 wins the Unintentional Humor award every week. Is it still cool to bash HD now that the paywall came down? It is? Good.

      • Mark D [EX500]


      • Peter88

        Put the two side by side and check the quality. I have not done this but I would guess there’s a big difference. Not to mention paying us Americans to assemble it and manufacture the majority of the components.

        And yes, for $7999 Harley could build a better designed bike (568 lb. is ridiculous). But quality and origin of manufacture needs to be taken into account.

    • Erok

      She’s taking over the “man’s job.”

    • Scott-jay

      Obviously, you’re not a chrome lover.
      Chrome lovers recognize it’s a classic bike, with a fuel gauge.

  • aristurtle

    That’s the rebadged Hyosung, right? I prefer the sportbike-looking one.

  • KR Tong

    I just gotta plug: Photo credits go to homegirl Connor Gustus.

  • Campisi

    The foreign teachers here in Korea rightly consider the GV250s to be the best 250cc cruisers available, but even models built within the last few years suffer from very poor quality. None of them seem to last longer than ~20,000 kilometers before needing a transmission rebuild or something similar.

    The engineering feels distinctly aged as well. The engine has a rough and buzzy feel above 6,000 RPM, and everything from the controls to the shifting feels unrefined. A used Rebel is going to be a cheaper, faster, better-built, and more reliable product for a new rider than one of these new.

  • mchale2020

    That video felt like something I would watch in high school driver’s ed. Still, cheap transportation is never a bad thing.

    Did anyone else notice how she kind of cringes when she says ‘… it feels good in your hands…’? I imagine her agent caught a lot of hell for that one.

  • John

    They’re going to pay me $3250 to take it?

    Not nearly enough.


  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    IMO, looks a lot nicer than Japan’s 250 cruisers. Looks very “full,” while a Rebel looks super spindly.

  • Taco

    Forget this bike. Go get that Cleveland Cyclewerks Heist. Same price but way better looking.

  • Johndo

    Don’t like the bike much, but she could make me buy one lol