Photos: 2013 Husaberg range

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For 2013, every model in the Husaberg range adopts a ChroMoly double cradle frame while modifications like larger airboxes and electric start expand through both its two and four-stroke range. But really, the big deal here is that the brand continues to adopt lessons from skate photography — unusual perspectives, popped flashes, vibrant colors, exciting action — to show off its bikes in a refreshingly modern way. Husaberg’s the only dirt bike brand we know that’s able to make its marketing feel like the 1970s were 40 years ago.

Photos: Schedi R.

The video’s not so good, relying too heavily on bad music and stale editing. But here you go anyways.

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  • Johndo

    They could have hired pro riders for the shooting…like me for example :P
    Seriously, these look like quite a lot of fun! Nice video! :)

  • superbikemike

    no supermotard… big bummer…. ;(

    • Sean Smith

      You’re only a big brake and a wheel-set away.

    • Ola

      Husaberg do a full Supermoto kit for the FE, 17 inch wheels & a 320 brake disc pluss some other goodies thrown in. Had a FE 650 SM for a few years, fantastic bike but the maintanance schedules were a bummer compared to the KTM I replaced it with.

  • Bronson

    Yeah, the music sucked but I liked the video.

    I want one… hell, make it two! — a TE300 for gnarly singletrack adventures and a motarded FE501 for street hooliganism.

  • Justin

    Did anyone else notice they changed the orientation of the engine cylinder? Thought that was a big change.

  • David

    Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed. I guess the inverted motor’s effect was mostly placebo. That’s a shame. Now the ‘Berg line really is just KTMs with plastic subframes.

    I’m a Husky guy, but if ‘Berg is the first with a direct-injected 2-stroke, I’ll be switching allegiance.