Photos: Shinya Kimura at Bonneville, 2012

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Our friend Patrick Daly snapped these photos of the latest iteration of Shinya Kimura‘s Bonnville racer on the salt flats last week. We’ll bring you more info when Shinya’s back in Azusa, but the old Harley appears to an update of the Harley he’s previously raced, this time with a new front cowl, as always hand-formed from sheet steel.

If you can’t click directly into the gallery, use this link:

  • doublet

    Aluminum! Not steel.

    • Your_Mom

      Indeed. Definitely not steel.

  • mike

    Really nice shots.

  • Eric

    It is the Spike, the bike Shinya keeps improving and racing.
    He was breaking in new pistons this time in Bonneville,

    and beating the 110 mph wall.

    Fast for an old Harley.

    you can see more couverage of the adventure at Shinya and Ayu’s blog:

  • IAimToMisbehave

    Yup ! Spike is still Spike albeit with a few alterations . Aluminum … not steel ….as stated above . Shinya pulled off a personal best this year of 113 mph and change . The man knows how to build a custom …… and unlike most custom builders ….. knows how to make em run as well !

    If anyone here ever gets a chance to see Shinya’s bikes in person …. Do Not Miss out on the opportunity . I have and let me tell you . In photographs they’re amazing …. in person they’re mind blowing !

  • Jesse

    Nice photos, great scene, beautiful bike.

  • Brad

    Aluminum with a nice salt crust, yummy !!

  • Moto-Mucci

    You can buy these prints in all kinds of sizes on Pat’s website. I’ll be littering my living room walls and roommate’s bedroom with them while he’s out of town.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh wow, good prices too. I’m gonna go order one.

  • adam Hoff

    So friggin awesome!

    I don’t know the first thing about this type of racing, but I can’t help but wonder if he could go a few mph faster if his front wheel wasn’t so huge.