Racing returns to Willow Springs, you can race too

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Back in February, the Willow Springs Motorcycle Club shut its doors, ending a long history of club racing at the SoCal track. On August 12th, racing will return and will include a run-what-you-brung class specifically targeted at enabling street riders to enter their first motorcycle race. Hosted by our friends at MotoYard and sponsored by Dunlop, The Wild West Shootout is shaping up to be an event you can’t miss.

There will of course be all the usual classes for people with race licenses: Superstock, 250GP, Ninja 250 Cup, etc etc. But if you race in one of those already, you’re likely already aware of this event.

It’s the Open Super Street and 600 Super Street classes that we’re most excited about since they bring true run-what-you-brung openness. Want to race? Show up on a bike that’s taped up, doesn’t have mirrors, doesn’t have coolant, doesn’t have a plate and doesn’t have a kickstand, and you’re good to go. There will be a qualifying time in which everyone needs to be within striking distance of the fastest time per class, but we understand it’ll be relatively generous. No race license necessary, just come out and race, it’s $150.

We’re still scrambling to figure out which of us is going to race and which bike(s) that’s going to be on, but we’ll be there regardless. You need to register ahead of time, you can do that at, where you’re also find more details.

  • TreMoto_Eddie

    I need to relocate

  • protomech

    Sounds like fun. $150 for a track weekend is pretty inexpensive.

    • wwalkersd

      It’s a little more for the full weekend, per the link:

      “Entry fees: $150 for the first class, $125 for 2nd class and $100 for each class after the 2nd. No license fee. $60-80 to practice on Saturday (if you enter into 3 or more classes, Saturday practice is free). $125 for Friday’s Motoyard track day; $25 discount for Friday event to all those who are practicing/racing over the weekend.”

      • Gene

        Plus since it’s a Dunlop contingency event, you need to buy new Dunlop spec tires at the track. Dunno how much that is, but “tars ain’t cheep!”

  • Roman

    Such an awesome idea. Only thing I’d be worried about is lack of bellypans…don’t want an oiled up track to ruin everyone’s good time. Still, might be worth the risk to make racing available to the masses. Need something like this on the east coast.

    • jp182

      we do need something like this on the east coast but a belly pan would need to be a must.

      • JTB

        Just make sure they work as needed or you end up like Laguna at the top of the cork screw it was a belly sprayer on that one.

  • mchale2020

    Hurl yea!

    More local tracks should be doing events like this and offer tons of safe, entry level groups to up the participation. It’s good to see a track being pro-active in the hobby.

  • Sentinel

    I’ve never had less than a fantastic day of fun every time I’ve gone to the races there!

    Awesome news! :)

  • Scott-jay

    Imagine the melee that could be 600 novice.

    • NewOldSchool

      more carnage than a spec miata race?

      • Brad

        Spec Pinata? Not possible.

  • Raubert Van Harris

    These open races could prove to be a great idea …or a huge liability. Either way, it’s great to see the racing return to Willow Springs!

    • Rick

      Old Man Huth and Motoyard need to have some additional ambulances and medivac helos on standby…if I were a local EMT my name would be on the overtime call-out list for Sunday, because really bad things happen when people go off track at the high speed turns 8 & 9.

  • Foxtrot Tango

    Hell yes, that’s near me! I’ll be in the stands, my balls aren’t steel enough to venture onto the track yet. One day….

    By the way, if you want to catch a nice craft beer after the race, I recommend Kinetic Brewery Co. in Lancaster.

    • wwalkersd

      And steel balls are definitely required, since it’s on the “Big Track” (aka The Fastest Road in the West). I’ve been around it at speed as a passenger in a car, and the last two turns (8 & 9? It’s been a few years) are really, really fast.

  • Sean Smith

    I’ll be there with a bionic left side and my GSX-R.

    • adeysworld

      Me too…sore back and all:(
      Any street pharmacist out there willing to help me with my pain?

  • Campisi

    Will there be an “inappropriate road bikes” category?

    • Sean Smith

      Yes, it’s the class Jamie and I are racing.

      • Campisi

        How is a GSX-R inappropriate?

        • Sean Smith

          Wait til you see our bikes.

          • Jesse

            I’m assuming no expense was spared to make your GSX-R track worthy.

            So, remove everything that was broken, zip tie on the needed stuff, and go racing?

  • Andres Freire

    Yeah good idea, here in Colorado in the MRA we have that it’s called superstreet too. I think is a great idea it allows street riders to get their feet wet and experience some track experience and formal training. Also if you do 2 superstreets that qualifies you for a novice license if you want. Great idea overall.

  • Sasha Pave

    I love this idea, makes racing more accessible. It’s going to be mayhem on the track but it’s the entrants own choice and responsibility, so let em go nuts!

    • Chris Davis

      What’s the barrier to entry now? All you need is a safe bike and a class at a New Racer School. If that’s too much to ask it’s definitely not my crowd. Getting a bunch of novices out there with one or less of those requirements is going to be nuts. Should be sponsored by American Medical Response.

      • jp182

        well it depends on what you consider safe and where the nearest school is to you. For me the nearest school is over 8 hours away.

  • Brad

    So, where’d you get that ancient aerial photo?

  • rndholesqpeg

    I thought the C-Superstock Novice was a meat grinder, I can’t imagine this being any better.