The weird and wonderful bikes of the AMD World Championship

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Baseball has the World Series, Football has the World Cup and making Harleys even slower has the AMD World Championship, held annually in Sturgis. Above is this year’s winner, PainTTless by Germany’s Thunderbike. Sort of a Chopper/Cafe Racer mashup, the bike employs an HD Ironhead motor to fill the big gap left in the middle of the one-off frame. Details like the finned, self-supporting subframe and pushrod-actuated shock are actually impressive, while fine detailing like all the drillium and brass components look awful nice. Man, is that going to be a long reach from the low seat and high pegs to the clip-ons though.

The rest of the class-winning bikes are in this gallery. We’ll be calling out a few of the highlights with specific stories over the next few days.

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  • Frosty_spl

    That silver dirtbike looking thing is horrible.

    Ohh man I spot a theme bike!!! ughh.

    There are a couple interesting ones in the group though.

  • stefano

    i like how at the end there’s just suddenly a sportsbike

    • Peter88

      That sportbike has a big block Harley motor in it. I’d love to try that out.

      • Sean Smith

        I rode an XB12 once and it felt about as fast as my GSX-R 600. I bet this is more like a 1000. Yes please.

  • aristurtle

    Eeew, who let a tricycle in?

    That orange scrambler-looking thing (“9605″) is pretty neat, if I can suspend disbelief and ignore that an unfiltered intake on an off-road(-styled) bike is kind of silly.

    This one is also pretty neat, although I’m pretty sure that headlight is an off-the-shelf part I remember seeing somewhere.

    I can’t take the really ridiculous ones seriously, though. That red one with about five millimeters of ground clearance, for example, just got a laugh from me.

    • richard gozinya

      I assume you’re refering to #11? The best part, they made it a bagger. You have to admit, there’s something poignant about making a totally unridable bike, then putting a fairing and luggage on it.

  • Racetrack Style

    I realize not everyone is a fan of HD, but the BTR Moto bike is worthy of consideration. And, i know HFL likes the Buells. The BTR bike has a 55.25 inch wheelbase with a 24.5 degree rake. Curt built his own transmission for the HD Twin Cam motor and it is actually shorter than the air cooled Buell motor. He built the swingarm, tank, oil res, frame.

    The weight has got to be close to current day inline 4s since there is minimal subframe. Finally someone is making use of the hot rodding possibilites

  • richard gozinya

    13 and 21 were by far the best ones, though 6 is probably a fun ride, just not as nice looking. 8 doesn’t look bad, just doesn’t seem terribly original or interesting.

    The rest just seem more like exhibits for a trailer park’s art gallery.

    • Mike in NYC

      Yeah, it’s like if MoMA had a motorcycle section.

  • Jon B.

    Insane, that hotwheel thing has a RSV motor.

    BTR and Brew’s #9605 do it for me.

  • Scott-jay

    Variety of cycles, but seemingly only one notion of a motor.

  • Coreyvwc

    You have to admit that the craftsmanship on the winning bike is nothing short of spectacular, but maybe a little too similar to some of Shinya’s creations… That little “GP” bike with the big twin shoehorned inside, that has to absurdly fun to ride!

  • Michael

    That Hendee-Deviant, hot damn. I’ll take two.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Well, they certainly are weird. Few things irritate me more than gorgeous, un-rideable motorcycles. For me, it’s a physical manifestation of teenage angst; (I just wanna ride it! Fuck!)

    • Racetrack Style

      great analogy . I’ll have to reference this post the next time it comes up in conversation ’cause that is spot on for the majority of customs, at least in ‘Merica

      • IAimToMisbehave

        +1 ….. At least when Shinya builds a Shinya Kimura bike the damn thing is ridable !

  • Kerry

    The bike above is a complete rip-off of Shinya Kimura design(s). Why judges would even give it the time of day is beyond me.

    • Sean Smith

      Come on, Shinya isn’t really known for self-supporting oil-tank tails and one-off sliding front ends with a shock mounted above the tire, a la MotoCzysz. The wheels, the chrome, the lack of any lighting or a kickstand, the amber bubble, I’ve never seen any of that stuff on a Shinya bike. And neither builder is the originator of this particular Harley Davidson silhouette.

    • IAimToMisbehave

      Amen Kerry ! Spot bloody effing on ! See my post below for my expanded opinion about this Shinya Kimura pastiche bike !

  • IAimToMisbehave

    This years AMD was by far the most derivative pastiche collection of custom M/C’s I’ve witnessed in years .

    Kerry is spot on calling PainTTless a blatant – abject and utter ripoff of Shinya Kimura ( Sean Smith – might I suggest you peruse the book ” Zero Chopper Spirit ” as well as Shinya’s massive backlog of designs before making uninformed comments as to what the man has and has not done ) Fact is amongst all the contenders/winners there was nary a moment of originality to be found at this years show .

    So …. either Custom Bike building has run its course …. with the future holding one blatant copy after another ….. or …. we’ve simply hit a lull in original thinking/design … awaiting the next Shinya Kimura – Rodger Goldammer etc to arise from the shadows . Here’s hoping for the later

    PS : By far the most disgusting aspect of PainTTless is not so much that the judges awarded the Xerox Copy ….. but rather that the builders actually have the cojones to try and charge $150,000 for what amounts to a Shinya Kimura Carbon Copy bike thats no where’s near the quality build Shinya would of done . That ….. is pathetic . The fool that pays that much for it ….. beyond stupid !

  • holdingfast

    i like the orange knuckle, and i m aware im saying this at HFL. Seems well excecuted, dont know if it needs to be in that show, but then not sure about any of the other bikes as well.. nothing too original there, ey?

  • tomwito

    I can’t wait to start seeing snow chains on bikes at shows in Florida.