Watch Ninjette do the Pyrenees

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“Nice comments from Sean on the new Ninja 250,” writes European motorcycle journalist Joost Overzee. “This huge Ninja thing on HFL reminded me of a video a friend et moi made three years ago for Kawasaki Europe. Well, it’s mostly a promo for the French/Spanish Pyrenees, which is like The Snake times 20,000.”

  • Jesse

    I could watch this on loop all afternoon.

  • Andy Gregory

    There were a couple moments of pure wacky Euro gold in there, quite enjoyable.

  • Trev

    Good video.

  • Scott-jay

    Euro-country looks like a swell place to ride motorcycles.
    Suspended disbelief, lost in video a few moments there.

  • Tim

    Great video and just proves a point that most riders are on bikes with to much horsepower. The rider in the video was going at a good clip without having 150 rwhp.

    Learn how to ride a bike fast before buy a fast bike to ride. A good honest 95 – 100 rwhp and good torque on roads like would be just a blast.

  • AHA

    Every year I pack my family into our MPV and we spend 3 fantastic weeks driving in the Pyrenees. Meanwhile my KTM sits at home in the garage. One day…

  • Terry

    Three years ago, 3 of us did a cross North America haul ( Wesport, Washington to Halifax, Nova Scotia ) on 250 scoots… 1, WR250 X and 2, 250 Ninjas.

    My 250 R performed flawlessly and was pasting nonstop grins on my face throught the Rockies and mountains of West Virginia. Could have used a little more beef and a little more comfort on the table lands but overall , it was wonderful.

    I love that little bike. So much so that I’ll lay down coin for a new one… ABS… Of course.


  • Fred Gilbert

    The best mix of roads I ever rode = Pyrenees!

    Gonna try this in october;

  • Matt W

    anyone know what bikes those are at 2:04 ??