What bike ads look like when they have car production budgets

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So some car company named Audi bought some bike company named Ducati. One spends $48 million a year in advertising in the US alone. The other has the kind of brand people want to attach themselves to. Oh, and there’s some race called Pike’s Peak in which hardly any companies take part in even a semi-official capacity. Combine the three and you get something called “production values,” something called “editing” and something called “graphics.” Remember, this is all taking place this weekend. If Audi keeps that up, it’s going to be really, really good for Ducati North America.

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  • wwalkersd

    I suppose Audi buying Lamborghini has worked out pretty well, so I guess there’s hope for this. But I can’t help remembering the previous time the Germans and Italians decided to work together. That one didn’t turn out so well. :)

  • Tommy

    Kind of a bummer the whole thing is paved this year.

    • richard gozinya

      Yeah, but at least in the practice laps on the lower part of the mountain, the two Harleys managed to not come in last. They both beat an HP2 and a Streetfighter. Those XR1200s might just be nicer than I thought.

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        You know how they race the Toyota Camry in NASCAR? Don’t make any hasty decisions based on those results.

      • http://hivelosangeles.com Sean Smith

        Those XR1200s have the $3,500 Vance & Hines race kit which includes a 17″ front wheel, new mapping, oil cooler, pipe and a few other odds and ends. The forks and shocks are worked too, and both bikes are probably proven race bikes that get taken out every Sunday, whereas the HP2 and Streetfighter probably don’t have that level of race prep. Plus, riders.

        • Peter88

          With the kit the Harley costs about $16K. The HP2 costs $25K and the Streetfighter S $19K. As you pointed out, it’s the race prep, saddle time and riders.

        • Joe

          I’m pretty sure the XR1200s have been cancelled for next year too

    • Peter88

      I know what you mean, but the expense of maintaining the dirt road had become onerous.

      It seems the U.S. has their own “Nurburgring” now. Having GM run the Camaro ZL1 up that road would be cool!

      And I see the acquisition has not softened Mr. Siler’s Harley stance.

  • Dennis

    Here, Jim Emerson explains why the “visual grammar is a mess” in The Dark Knight. It’s been called a mini-course in film theory. It pretty much puts into words all the reasons why some action sequences are watchable and others are visual goulash.

    Watching the Audi Ducati thing made me think of that.

    • nick2ny

      Great link, thanks! These “action” motorcycle ads do nothing for me. I like Honda’s Impossible Dream and the Shell Ferrari commercial though.

  • TreMoto_Eddie

    Man, this is really making me wish we could have raced the Peak this year…. …fires and no refunds broke our budget, but we will be back next year.

  • contender

    I supported a buddy there over the weekend, and those Harleys were parked right across from us. They were serious and looked not a bit stock.

    I think I want to race it next year but I bet interest, and therefore competition, will start going way up for motorcycles now that the whole thing is paved. What a fun time.

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