2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R: first official image, TC?

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Our friends at Dutch site Oliepeil have scooped this first official image of the much-leaked 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R. In addition to the 636cc capacity and 129bhp power figure outed by the EPA, Oliepeil reports the bike will also come with traction control, making it the first widely-available “600″ to receive the performance-enhancing electronic rider aid.

Update: Kawasaki has officially confirmed TC, as well as an assist/slipper clutch, revised rear suspension tuning and BPF forks that separate compression and rebound damping into individual legs. $11,699 without ABS, $12,699 with ABS.

Update 2: now with a full gallery of high-res images.

Galleries remain a little tricky as the site undergoes changes. If you can’t click in below, try this link: http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2012/09/2013-kawasaki-zx-6r-first-official-image-tc/?gal=1#/4

  • Sentinel

    Forget TC, give us some ABS!

    • BMW11GS

      I don’t know if this market demographic knows about ABS?

      • Kyle

        coure I do, I works ‘em out in the gym

  • NewOldSchool

    All black or all white fairings would tone it down a bit. Add to that a slip on and tail kit and we might be getting somewhere.

    First impressions of absolute ugly are wearing off… slowly.

    • tomwito

      It’s a better angle. The other photos made it look real bad.

    • smoke4ndmears

      Its that mid-section piece in green that throws the look off to me. The forward flow of that little spike seems counter to the rest of the designs rearward flow.

    • smoke4ndmears

      other sites are showing an all black version.

  • Coreyvwc

    Black is great color for fat people trying to conceal their enormous asses. Apparently that trick does not work on equally enormous Japanese exhaust pipes…

  • Sentinel

    There is an ABS option!

  • tomwito

    Pics of it all over facebook. There’s an all white one.

    • tomwito

      That was the 300 that was white. Lame…

  • Dani Peral

    Kawasaki spain has published all the details on its web: http://www.kawasaki.es/ZX-6R636

    And a few pictures and 2 videos :D

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Kawasaki distributes its images in a bizarre color mode and in huge (like 94mb) files. Trying to figure out how to download them, process them and upload them using Coffee Bean internets…

  • NewOldSchool

    I’m still holding out for a revamped R6 in the next couple years. I’ve heard rumors about Yamaha going cross-plane across the board with its supper sports. Absolute speculation though.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Unless you read it here, it’s been made up. Utter fantasy.

      • NewOldSchool

        The thought of a cross-plane becranked R6 at 16,000rpm make my brain melt.

        • circuitsports

          Yamaha has shot down a cross plane r6 as unecessary and some articles about the possibility see to point to an issue of harmonics over 12,000 rpm becoming an issue.

          I think where we are likely to see a real improvement is in direct injection and some other stuff currently being tested.

          • mchale2020

            I didn’t think Direct Injection would work well on an engine spinning over 7,000 RPM?

            Given the placement of the injectors on current machines, I think that’s about the best location you’re going to get without having to add all the extra components for a true DI set up.

          • NewOldSchool

            I understand it’s unnecessary as the benefits of closely spaced power pulses are negligible on a 600. It was for the sound of the thing that I wished it would happen. I imagined it sounding like Grand Prix Guzzi V8.

            I hadn’t heard about harmonics limiting rpm with the cross plane though, that’s interesting.

            • Mitch

              Cross plane is what almost all cars use – not surprisingly, high revving Ferrari engines are one of the few that use flat plane cranks, like motorcycles.

  • David S

    I’m really tired with that Kawasaki green, but that TT video was really good. Definitely got the blood flowing. Who wants to go riding after work? I DO!

    • Roman

      Yup, got my throttle hand very itchy.

      • Coreyvwc

        So yeah, that video does a pretty fucking good job of making you want/need to go riding. Impressed, touche Kawasaki.

  • Dylan

    Why so ugly? Honestly after my 06 636 I thought I would jump all over this bike, but its just so bad looking that there is no way i would consider it

    • Brian

      It’s not ugly, just kinda bland. Especially sitting next to the 10R.

      • Dylan

        Youre right, definitely not ugly but very bland. Not sure why you compare it to the 10R when that is almost the same styling and just as boring as the new 636. Pretty much all the new Japanese bikes just look like a piece of Yamakawizuki Crap

  • Mitch

    Not quite sure where that 129hp figure is coming from. At crank? 2011 GSXR750 makes about 125… can’t see Kawi squeezing 22hp out of 37cc’s.

    • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney

      Manufacturer numbers are always crank. The GSX-R750 is claimed to be 150 hp. 15-20% loss for the final drive is a reasonable assumption.

    • Brian

      The first version of the 636 had 122.5 hp, the second version had like 125-128 – back in ’03-’06. So this makes sense, I guess.

  • Coreyvwc

    It’s always “measured” at the crank in manufacturer’s specs. Apparently big #’s equal big sales, even if they don’t mean anything…

  • *

    “BPF forks that separate compression and rebound damping into individual legs”–Say what? I had that on my Speed Triple and hated it; it seemed so budget. Now the BPF, which I’ve heard good things about, is going that direction.

    Was the Speed Triple ahead of its time? Or is this just to save money and hit their MSRP target? Is there an actual engineering / physical advantage to this setup?