Adey goes down

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Adey’s been experiencing intermittent coil failures on his brand-new Ducati Hypermotard 1100, but was riding it on The Snake yesterday regardless. Then, mid-corner at big lean angle, the engine cut out, locking the rear tire. That spit him into a guard rail shin first, breaking his Tibia. Luckily, Adey was in his Dainese suit, Puma boots and AGV GP-Tech.

“The bike seized mid turn locking the rear wheel causing me to lowside into the guardrail,” writes Adey. “Both shins hit the wooden beam that supports the rail. My right shin has complex fracture. Thank god I was fully suited or it would have been a lot worse.”

“My leg feels like a bag of pretzels right now, but I can’t wait to do a Muay Thai kick with the rod in my leg.

We’re headed out to visit him at the hospital in a few. Wish him luck in comments, he’ll be reading them.

  • phobos512

    Wow, best wishes for a speedy recovery. So what happens in a situation like this with the manufacturer? Obviously sounds like some kind of a defect – do they get sued?

    • PenguinScotty

      In America, everybody sues everybody. In Italy, they tell you to suck it up (Kidding, but with a small bit of reality included).

    • austin_2ride

      It will be hard to sue anyone after stating “Adey’s been experiencing intermittent coil failures on his brand-new Ducati Hypermotard 1100″.

      Hope you are back on a bike soon.

  • John

    Well, it IS a VW after all…….

  • zero

    Damn, tough break!(pun intended) Good luck with the recovery.

    I’m not one for frivolous litigation but Ducati should look into this. It’s obviously dangerous and taking care of Adey could turn this from bad to good press for them.

  • wwalkersd

    Heal fast, Adey! And no more high-speed cornering on a bike that you know isn’t 100%!

    • IAimToMisbehave

      I’ll second that . A word to the wise Adey .

      Fix/Repair bike first . Always !

      Then ride !

      Otherwise next time we might be scrapping up your remains rather than sending you good wishes

  • Josh

    Hope you have a speedy recovery man! I’ve been having some trouble with my shins from running, but now I somehow don’t feel like complaining about them anymore.

  • doublet

    Hope he heals up well and fast!

    I have to say, ignition cutting out shouldn’t lock the rear wheel. Ever flip the kill switch while rolling? Sorry to focus on this aspect but it seems to be the issue to me; curious what went wrong with the bike!

    Maybe if something went off and ignition fired too soon, kicking back the wrong way?

    • zero

      Eh, that depends. For one, the amount of engine braking the bike can tolerate is pretty low when leaned over. Also, have you ever flipped the kill switch when rolling near redline? It’s quite a bit more dramatic than at lower rpm.

      • PenguinScotty

        Yeah. In addition, you’re talking about a big V-twin and not an inline for. It’s a damn tractor.

        Ever try to bump-start a 600+ cc Single? Yeah. Good times, lol.

        • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

          If you’re leaned over as far as Adey leans, 90% of your tire’s ability to hold the road surface is being used to move your motorcycle left or right relative to where Newton really wants your motorcycle to go — straight.

          That means any sort of minor blip in traction could easily overcome the tire’s ability to hold — the engine cutting out for example — and even microseconds of back pressure on the rear wheel could result in the rear tire starting to slide and the motorcycle leaning further down. If you’re leaned over to the edge of your tire, any more lean would reduce the size of your tire patch significantly, further hurting the ability of the tire to hold.

    • gsx750f

      What? Maybe i’m stupid, but i think if you flip the kill switch while having a gear in, your motor will lock your rear wheel. Just put a gear in and try to push your bike while not in neutral.
      Gotta try tomorrow, wish me luck!

      • Mitch

        750f, if you have forward momentum, the cylinders should still move freely inside the motor – there will be drag, but as long as the crankshaft can rotate, the rear wheel should not hard lock.

        • gsx750f

          You are right, I tried it and the bike kept rolling, drag was minimal.
          You never stop learning!

    • Mark D [EX500]

      Does that Ducati have a slipper clutch? If so, wouldn’t that have prevented the rear wheel from locking up?

      Either way, looks painful. Here’s hoping for a recovery as fast as that supermoto is.

      • James

        The 1100 has a dry clutch, the 796 is has a wet clutch.

        • Tony T.

          Slippers are available for either clutch type.

          • James

            Not stock, though.

      • doublet

        Actually, a slipper won’t keep the rear wheel from locking if the engine truly seizes at a high rpm. Maybe it depends on the type of slipper, but I know from experience on a KTM 450 that broke a valve. Not exactly sure how all that magic works, might have to do with that it is designed to allow the clutch to slip as it is being re-engaged, not fully engaged under acceleration. It skidded until I slowed down, and then began to roll.. or maybe I had grabbed the lever. Can’t remember.

        Yes, flipping the kill switch just makes the bike go BRRRRRrrrrrrr as the engine stops making power. Then you flick it back on and flames shoot out the exhaust. Rev limiters usually work by cutting the ignition.

    • Pete

      Not just shouldn’t, it WILL not. The flywheel, and flywheel effect of the rear wheel, ensure that. Either something else went wrong, or that’s not what happened.

  • the_doctor

    If you can recover half as fast as you ride, you will be back on a bike in no time.

    Best wishes Adey.

  • Ben W

    Damn, Adey. No need to be doing impressions of Wes!

    Here’s to a quick recovery.

  • JMcMahon

    Sorry to hear the news, I hope you recover well. Those guard rails claim many motorcyclist each year. I know it is little comfort but things could have been much worse.

    I know some places in Europe have modified barriers to make them safer for bikes. They have added a lower plate to keep riders from hitting the up rights. A road like the snake would be a perfect test bed for bike safe barriers.

    • gsx750f

      +1 We have them in a few places with a lot of bike traffic here in Germany.
      There is even an organisation that tries to get underride protection into all dangerous corners:

      Best wishes to you Adey, get well soon!

      • zero

        Yeah, that looks like a great idea. Simple, can’t be that expensive and it would save a number of lives.

        • The Blue Rider

          In other words, it’s Un-American. We don’t want no filthy Eura-peein’ soshie-list publik welfare round here! Changin’ stuff just to make things safer? WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS? COME AND TAKE IT!!!

          /been watching way too much campaign TV, man. Sorry.

    • Rick

      Reading about European motorcyclists’ active campaign against unprotected armco barriers gave me much better awareness of their real potential to kill and maim riders, so I’m much more likely to notice them now.

      Fixing the hardware would be great but don’t hold your breath. Put the word out to friends and make them aware, too.

      • Toby

        Lotta dirt in Malibu, perhaps volunteers could just pile up some gravel, under the barriers, on these particular bad turns, followed by the moderately bad ones.

  • Glenngineer

    Sorry to see this – on the one hand, nothing you could have done to prevent it, on the other, that just makes it much scarier.

    Heal up fast. I broke 5 bones in late July, and riding is that much sweeter when you can get back on the horse.

    Brosef sitting their calm as a rock with a broken tibia…

    • Julian

      Maintenance would have prevented this.

      we all take calculated risks, and as such it makes no sense at all to ride it that hard on the street if it’s already malfunctioning. Fixing the bad wiring/coil would makes as much sense as gear if you know you’re going to be riding it that hard.

      • mugget

        Who’s to say that the first failure could not have happened mid-turn? Your maintenance just screwed you!

  • kidchampion

    That video is insane… boring. It subtracts from the story.

  • hooligan317

    No bueno. Hope everything heals up as quickly as possible.

  • Roman

    What is this, you’re not a fully fledged HFL contributor until you break a few bones in a nasty bike crash? Get better soon dude, looks like you took it like a champ.

    • Wes Siler

      Hazing ritual.

  • lowslydr

    No vid of the crash?

  • RSassi

    Sorry to read this, great that it wasn’t worse. Keep up the good work and have fast recovery!

  • Aaron

    I hope the jean and running shoe crowd are seeing this, If this can happen to people with lots of skill, it can happen to you! buy the gear!

  • ike6116

    Not trying to be a dick but HFL always refers to this guy like I should know who he is. He was on that one episode of RideApart but other than that I have no clue.

    Bummer he wrecked, glad he’s ok.

    • NewOldSchool

      He’s a (the?) local fast guy on a road people call “The Snake” (Mulholland Drive above the Rock Store) If you ride in Los Angeles, chances are you come here on the weekends. It’s the place to see and be seen, lots of poser types and stuntas, but also quite a few respectable fast guys.

      Go on youtube and search rnickeymouse for more highlights.

      • ike6116

        Ok, but if I don’t give a shit about LA and it’s local scene then I wouldn’t have known.

        • NewOldSchool

          Hence, I esplain for you… You’re reading a blogazine based out of LA.

          Why u mad bro?

          • Mark D [EX500]

            He’s from Boston, we can’t help it. :)

            • Jesse

              Knowing smirk goes here.

          • ike6116

            I’ve been reading this “blogazine” since it was based in NYC.

            Being that it’s on the internet I don’t assume regional proclivities.

            I’m not mad and I’m not your bro, guy.

            • NewOldSchool

              ( •_•) It felt like a case of…

              ( •_•)>⌐■-■ East/West coast hostility

              (⌐■_■) Yeaaaa…

            • Wes Siler

              Adey is a long-time HFL contributor. He’s from Brooklyn and has been helping us out since all of us lived there.

              • Scott-jay

                Street-riding antics = illegal immigrant status in CA for Adey.

                HFL readers may be served with a masthead; describing its mad-cap crew.
                Select an easy to edit format : )

            • Pete

              I think I remember you saying something about a cunty tone, ike, how ironic.

              Be sure to let everyone know the rest of your assumptions so that we can all conform to them…BRO.

              • ike6116

                Hahahaha, how long have you been had that one chambered?

  • Frosty_spl

    Get well soon!!

  • Tony

    Sorry to hear about this. Heal up quick will be out to see you soon!

    • adeysworld

      Looking forward to the visit buddy.

  • damien

    bone through skin is never fun. hope you heal up quick!

  • dan

    heal fast

  • sanjuro

    Quick recovery, my man!

  • The Blue Rider

    Adey gets busted up on a Ducati, and it’s from something mundane like a mechanical failure on a curve? Laaame. I expected better, guys!

    Seriously, that sucks. Not that Adey needs any more ++ to the asset column, but now he’ll have scars in addition to good looks, riding ability, et cetera…

    I’d often wondered about guardrails on the Snake. Lots of footage out there of lesser pilots going under them or coming perilously close to being broken in half around them. The cause of the injury doesn’t surprise me, given the location.

  • Kevin

    Hopefully you’ve got gear coverage on your plan Adey, because those paramedics cut up about $2.5K worth of leathers and boots, plus the helmet. That had to be painful too.

    Get well soon, mate.

  • isambard

    Get well soon, prettyboy!

    I’m recovering from a broken collar bone from a recent, entirely avoidable high side, and creeping folks out with the titanium plate makes it (almost) worth it. The anastethic was a bitch, though.

  • Taco

    Without a doubt, Adey has got the prettiest nurse at the hospital sponge bathing him right now this second. So I don’t feel that bad for him. LOL J/K Get well soon.

    • stempere

      The problem with pretty nurses is that sometimes they choose the worst of times to finaly lean at the right angle, giving you than nice view you’ve been waiting for. Namelly, while you’re using one of these resulting in you getting… stuck.
      The ensuing conversation was pretty funny.

      Best wishes Adey.

      • stempere

        Never comment on a website while drunk… Talk about TMI…

  • coredump

    So Wes, is this where we make adverse to all risk comments and make fun of people who bring up the dangers of two wheels? Or is now a bad time?

  • Chris

    hope he mends well, that must have been scary.

    Also, just say no to vertical video!

  • Jesse

    Send him our best wishes, and tell him to heal up. Regardless of reason, crashes suck. Hell yeah, gear.

  • Michael

    Shit, Adey, sorry to hear man. Best wishes and get sorted out soon!

  • Trev

    Heel up quickly.

  • Bill

    Complex fracture? I’ve never heard of it. How is it different from a compound fracture?

    • adeysworld

      End result of compound fracture is usually a clean break. My tibia is shattered. I have an external fixation brace on my leg now to allow swelling to go down. Once that happens they rebuild…

  • mugget

    Damn Adey, saw your photos come up on Instagram and wondered what kind of gnarly riding must have been going on to cause you to crash… sucks that it was a random mechanical failure!

    Hope you recover fast, don’t let this mess with your head!

  • Eric

    how is it going so far???
    I just broke my clavivle sat 22nd. a fracture is a break of a bone but also everything else takes a break…home work exercise rest even typing!!

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