California by bike with Jamie Robinson

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When Jamie’s not busy shooting and hosting our show, he produces motorcycle videos for a variety of people through his production firm, MotoGeo. In his latest adventure, he explores California onboard his truly frightening CBR600RR streetfighter and a Ducati Multistrada 1200.

RideApart TV returns for its second season on DRIVE in October.

  • Jesse

    Best part about riding a bob-tailed fighter? You don’t have to carry all the gear.

    • John2

      Worst thing about touring a bob-tailed fighter? That big muddy stripe up the back, to the top of the helmet…

      • Jesse

        That’s how you know you mean business, right?

  • Wolfgang Romero

    Great to hear about RideApart TV returning

  • Pete

    Haha Jamie I saw that apocalyptic rat bike at Roland Sands’ a few weeks back and was wondering who the lunatic owner was….

  • Coreyvwc

    So so good, man i wish I had more vacation time at work… Cannot wait to get back out on the open road again!

  • Troy R

    What it’s all about…

    And that fighter is absolutely brutal.

  • The Blue Rider

    Man, you fuckin’ guys, making me want to go to California all the time… Argh!

    I didn’t realize Motogeo was behind the Max Biaggi video I watched a while back, too.

  • Mark D [EX500]

    Jamie, awesome bike. That’s my idea of a sport tourer!

    Glad you took your friend to Sterling, that’s the best winery in Napa IMHO (though its a shame you couldn’t actually drink the wine!)

    • Kevin

      Yes, any sports tourer that results in your buddy carrying all your gear is a great sports tourer!

  • Ola

    Being from the Old world, a trip like this has been a lifelong dream, after seeing this I´m going to do it, cheers Jaime for the inspiration

    fab video with some great tunes, beats the Long way series hands down for the right road trip vibe and love the mongrel of a CBR

  • Johndo

    That CBR looks like fun, and must be so light too!

  • Roman

    Man, this Jamie guy basically broke the code to the Matrix. Race bikes on the Isle of Mann and then take kick ass trips for a living. Tip of the hat to you sir.

  • wwalkersd

    I’m inspired! I may just have to take that trip. There’s a few places on there I haven’t been yet, and a whole bunch I haven’t been to in far too long.

    A couple of weeks ago I made it up to where Jamie rode the Triumph in the last RideApart, CA-190. Man, what a road!

  • NewOldSchool

    How deafening was the open pipe on the 600 fighter the whole way? yikes!

  • PenguinScotty

    This setup is the perfect example of what my dad and me are doing this weekend.

    “Son, i’m riding the Super Duke, so you have to carry all our shit on the Adventure.”

    “But what about your Giant Loop and such.”

    “SON, You carry the gear!”

    “Le Sigh…”

  • *

    Awesome vid! I can’t wait to move back to Cali!

    A friendly word of advice to everyone: Please do NOT drink the water from any rivers or streams as Jamie appears to do in the video. I’m no expert, but it’s my understanding that water is never considered safe out in the wild without treating or filtering.

    You could be fine, but it’s rolling the dice. I rolled those dice once, and they came up snake eyes. Took some heavy meds to clear that up. Learn from my pain, guys and gals.

    • Lacubrious

      Jamie made Giardia his bitch.

  • Sasha Pave

    They did it right, what a great loop! My only suggestion it to extend it just a bit further up north and ride the epic HWY 36 from Red Bluff to Fortuna.

    • wwalkersd

      +1. Don’t miss 36 if you get a chance to get there.