Classic style, modern ADV bike

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Now this is more like it. France’s unit garage has created a bolt-on bodykit that transforms any current R1200GS into something that looks like a ’70s Dakar racer. Including a headlight, tank, seat/tail unit, the kit creates virtually an all-new bike, but is completely reversible. Saves weight too.

Photos: Matteo Cavadini

Dubbed the R120G/S, mimicking the R80G/S that started the whole ADV thing in the first place, the kit retails for a pretty steep 3,920 Euro.

We especially dig the classic BMW graphics, red seat and boxed-off tail section. If you parked this outside your local Starbucks, the other ADV riders would have a seriously hard time telling this wasn’t a classic, but it’ll still be just as heavy and comfy on the highway as their shiny toys too.

  • webbiker

    Very very cool!

  • BMW11GS

    Uh, Make that an 80′s Dakar racer and all is good.

  • 10/10ths


  • Toby

    That’s the first time I’ve lusted after an R1200GS, that’s for sure

  • Scott-jay

    Red-orange seat color was a minor moto-milestone.

  • austin_2ride

    Very nice. Although $4,949.78 USD is quite a lot of money for a “graphics” kit.

    • richard gozinya

      It’s not so bad, given the target demographic. People who bought one of those behemoths aren’t exactly averse to spending a lot of cash. GS’s, Busas, Harleys, people spend shit tons of money on aftermarket stuff for these bikes. Only difference between them, the Harley types are the only ones honest about the usefulness of what they buy.

  • Charlie

    Very nice, but dunkel blue is the better original color. Eclipses the OEM Triumph or Ducati vintage attempts, although I do note the Ducati sportclassics are increasing in value. Never would have guessed that given the cheesy detailing.

  • Groomez

    This is damn porn right here.