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Louder than a Formula One car and lighter than a 250, residents of Los Angeles may be familiar with this ‘fightered CBR600RR from that time their ear drums burst or when they ran for their lives as it powerslid past them through a pedestrian mall. Cops hate it, I refuse to ride it, it makes small children cry. It’s Jamie Robinson’s daily transport.

“Dionysus” is the greek god of madness and you’ll be reading more about it in the near future. For now, enjoy this teaser vid and these photos.

  • Troy R


  • Drew Shannon

    Ahhh, so THIS is what Jamie was riding in his recent travel / camping film. I couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of me.

  • nymoto

    Wes -
    ” what are you chicken?? ”

  • contender

    I need to get to work on my bike.

  • smoke4ndmears

    I don’t know man, F1 cars are pretty fucking loud.

    • Wes Siler

      You can hear this CBR from a mile away even in crowded central LA. I bet the cops can hear it from their copters.

    • zero

      Yeah, bigger engine with more cylinders running higher compression and higher rpm with even less exhaust than this…F1 cars are stupid loud.

      The only vehicle that I’ve heard that is louder is a Top Fuel car, which doesn’t so much hurt your ears as it does your chest with the vibrations. Even Hellen Keller would be like “F&$#, that was loud.”

      • smoke4ndmears

        eeeeeeeeevil motor!!!

      • tomwito

        I have that video saved on my computer. It’s just that awesome.

      • Cro

        That kicks ass. If that doesn’t make you grin, you have no nads.

  • wwalkersd

    Hmm. Deafness might explain some of Jamie’s odd speech mannerisms.

    • Xenophya

      Nah… that’s just how we sound in Yorkshire

  • Glenngineer

    I love this thing. Did Jamie build it, or is there some builder behind it?

    • stempere

      I seem to remember a picture of Jamie working on it.

  • rohorn

    Does this mean that “CBR600″ will be the next Craiglist top motorcycle search string instead of “XS650″ and/or “CBxxx”?

    I really hope so.

    • NewOldSchool

      The street fighter fad was soooooo early 2000′s brah. The factories are even doing it now.

      Get on the cafe’ racin’ band wagon and be one of the cool kids like everyone else in West Hollywood brah.


      In all seriousness an unfaired 600 with dirtbike ergos is a seriously fun street ride.

      For serious.

      • aristurtle

        The cafe racer thing is so late 2000s. In the twentytens, all the cool kids are riding off-road bikes on roads.

        • richard gozinya

          Damn, and here I was hoping the new fad would be putting CBR bodywork on Gold Wings.

          • Coreyvwc

            That is awful, please make it go away.

          • NewOldSchool

            Hmmm, actually I like it better than the extended swing arm Busas. That’s ingenuity haha.

          • zero

            That’s amazing. I love it. Wouldn’t build it, but I like that someone else did.

        • NewOldSchool

          A KTM 690 is still on my short list. So is being cool, but we can’t have everything now.

      • contender

        My unfaired TLS w/dirtbike ergos is no slouch either.

      • Jesse

        I agree, 600s with wide bars and relaxed ergos are a damned blast.

        I have to drop this here, for those that are interested.

        Design of the site is awful, but the knowledge contained within is remarkable. Monthly build offs, etc.

    • CCarey

      CBR600 is always my top CL search . . . ever since my 600RR was stolen, recovered and subsequently totalled that is :( I guess I should just make my next one as evil looking as Jamie’s so potential theives will piss themselves in fear when they see it.

      • rohorn

        Better luck with the next one.

  • Charlie

    Mad max excellent

  • je

    *slow clap* – one of best bikes posted in a while…

  • richard gozinya

    That thing’s nearly as cool as Stellan Egeland’s Slugger.

  • Devin

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

  • RT Moto

    Bike looks cool and sounds EVIL!

    What boots are those?

    • cadbury64

      IIRC, Roger de Costa motorcross boots, by Alpine Stars, probably 1980′s vintage.

    • pplassm

      Sorry cadbury. They’re Hi-Points. I think you can still get them. Battlestar Galactica (the original) made them famous.

      Edit: Replicas are available.

  • rohorn

    Oooh, I think I just thought of the greatest moto-fashion bit since pipe wrap: Bonneville Salt In A Spray Can (R). Now, in Firestone repellent formula!

  • bluemilew

    Do people really think loud bikes are cool still?

    • Xenophya

      Is this a trick question?

      • bluemilew

        I always thought this site was more “mature” for lack of a better term, with all the performance and safety oriented content. Maybe I’m getting old at 21, but I borrowed my buddy’s 600RR last week with a D&D pipe, and it annoyed the shit outta me.

        • smoke4ndmears

          Old at 21? Come on now son…

          I will concede that 600rr’s are a particularly annoying type of loud when riding. Mine had a very grating resonance too it. My barely restricted 1125R on the other hand makes a roar like the devil popping a hemorrhoid and that is just fine by me.

          • jp182

            I had a Erion slip-on on my 600RR and it was perfect; only loud when you really wanted it to be.

            God I miss that bike.

  • sanjuro

    This bike is criminal. Literally.

  • Tim

    If you ride a super loud bike you are a jerk. How insecure do you need to be to make sure you make everyone in a one mile radius aware of your presence? I freakin’ HATE loud bikes, cars, etc. This is one law I wish cops would enforce.

    • gsx750f

      Totally this! Loud pipes annoy the fuck out of everybody, and give bikers a bad name (as though that was needed).
      If you are not a professional racer on a professional racetrack, leave your fucking DB-killer in place and stop annoying people.

      • RagdollOp

        Big deal. There are a lot of things that are loud I would like to get rid of like that high school football stadium with the band and the speaker system I can hear in my house. I would rather hear a loud motorcycle riding around.

        • Ben W

          I recall hearing something about “two wrongs” and something else about “an eye for an eye.” I’m sure one or both sentiments are relevant here.

          • RagdollOp

            My point is that everyone cries about stuff they don’t like and we have turned into a bunch of whiners. We could complain about loud pipes, old ladies, cell phones, etc. I don’t really care if the football stadium is loud and I also don’t care if a bike is loud.
            I just find if funny that a lot of people have snobby attitudes and are always complaining and judging others. “I don’t know that guy, but I do know what is best for him!” “His bike is louder than mine, so he must be a dick!”

      • DavidMG

        Loud bikes belong on the track. It’s one of my favourite things about going to a track. Everywhere else they’re just annoying.

      • MotoRandom

        You know who really gets upset about loud pipes? Motorcycle riders with quiet pipes. Otherwise I don’t think anyone really gives a rats ass. Most people understand that urban enviroments are loud places. Buses, trucks, bass booming cars, trains, low flying jets, lawnmowers, on and on. Stand outside near any city and it’s just that way. Everyone seems to deal with this okay and just lumps loud bikes in with the rest of the din but man, riders with quiet bikes. Holy crap do they have sensitive ears that respond with serious butthurt if there is a loud bike near them. If it’s some midlife crisis on Harley blipping his throttle at a stoplight: Quick, to the interwebs!!! ALL OF MOTORCYCLING IS SUFFERING!!!
        Now, we have soccer mom cruising down the road in the SUV/Minivan, talking to her mother on her cellphone. She would never in million years notice someone on motorcyle, even as she turns left and runs over them. Suddenly, that loud Harley at the last stoplight has pushed her over the edge and the next BMW rider with the bright neon vest on is in her sights. It’s payback time!

        I think this whole “no officer, I never saw him” is a fabrication. Yeah, they saw them alright and that fucker is paying the price for THOSE GODDAMN LOUD PIPES!!!

        • zero

          Haha, that was pretty good.

        • Roman

          Do you actually live in a city or do you get all your information from urban crime dramas? Suburbanites who come into the city and think “alright, I’m in the jungle baby, anything goes” are some of the most insufferable people on the planet.

        • gsx750f
        • Mike in NYC

          I live in Manhattan, a pretty loud place. Motorcycles can be seriously loud even in comparison, such as the guy in my neighborhood who occasionally revs up his V-twin at 7am.

        • fasterfaster

          Um, no.

          Real, normal, non-riding people get annoyed when bikes set off their car alarms, rattle their windows, when they have to pause their conversations while a group ride rolls by their house or restaurant, when their kids start instinctively covering their ears when they see a motorcycle. Sound is an essential part of the riding experience. Deafening sound is not. Loud bikes on the street are fucking stupid, and no amount of snark is going to make it any less stupid.

          Written as someone who rides a fightered R6 in the city every day, and added a db-killer to the Yosh.

          • ike6116


        • NewOldSchool

          Actually no, “MotoRandom,” the soccer mom in the mini van goes home and writes a letter to her congressman and legislation gets passed severely restricting motorcycle exhaust noise among other things and we all lose.

          Read before you rant, people will respect your opinion more.

          Before you go off on the “Oh that’s typical California BS” rant, look around it’s happening all over the country.

          • MotoRandom

            How does this even effect you? If you hate loud pipes so much, why have you put them on your motorcycle that was built in 2013? Or to quote directly from the article you linked to:

            “Also, a violation is considered a secondary offense, meaning a police officer can’t stop a motorcyclist solely because the officer believes the motorcyclist is breaking the sound emissions label law.”

            So the cops CAN’T use this law as an excuse to stop you and are only going to use it as an add on for another violation. So, if you put that legal exhaust system back on your motorcycle that hasn’t been built yet and don’t break any other laws, there is no possible way this could effect you. Hell, the only real result is all those Harleys (that haven’t been built yet) everyone seems to hate so much will be forced to be quiet. You should be HAPPY about this. WTF?

            • NewOldSchool

              It does affect me, it affects all riders. No I have not put an obnoxious roaring open exhaust on my ride, but in the future I may want one that is reasonably priced, looks unique, weighs less, and has a different tone or sound (not just MOAR NOISE!111!!) to it.

              These laws are never reasonable, they are written by legislators with no personal experience, the restrictions will be over the top in limiting sound and performance, and possibly put aftermarket exhaust manufacturers who can not comply out of business. Why would anyone buy an aftermarket exhaust for $$$$ if it is not that much “better” then the one that came from the OE manufacturer? There goes the market.

              It is possible to have an aftermarket exhaust that looks better, weighs less, sounds better, and still is not deafening to those around you. This bill will limit these systems even more, possibly to the detriment of outright performance.

              It will cost these companies a serious amount of money to get their products approved. Our industry is already doing poorly enough in this current credit crunch and down economy. With more businesses forced to close or in my case leave Californa, any legislation against the industry is a bad thing.

              Also, this being a “secondary” offense is outright bullshit. If an officer hears your obnoxious bike he/she can easily find some other small reason to pull you over. Especially with the culture of revenue generation most cities seem to have adopted as the primary mission of their police force lately.

              • MotoRandom

                Not typical California BS hunhh? I guess I just read some things you didn’t. According to the LA times the law that just passed was a watered down version of an earlier bill that was intended to reduce smog by forcing motorcycles to have emissions tests.


                “But a 2008 study of aftermarket activity by the ARB found that 85% of bikes 280 cc and larger had modified exhausts. “Most” of those, said Cackette, were illegal.

                Not all modified exhausts are illegal; some comply with the emissions requirements that govern what makes and models can be sold in the state. But many modified exhausts remove the bikes’ catalytic converters, causing them to emit twice the legal limit of hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen.”

                So this was all about making sure bikes in California were complying with the states very strict emissions laws.


                “SB 435 is a watered-down version of a bill first introduced in the senate in February 2009. The earlier version of SB 435, which had also targeted illegally modified motorcycle exhaust systems but for emissions violations and would have required biennial smog checks for motorcycles, met too much resistance from bikers’ rights groups and was amended last year.”

                So your original assertion that soccer moms wrote to their congresspersons (CA, gotta be PC) to get this law introduced because of loud pipes is totally bogus.

                Tell the truth instead of making stuff up, people will respect your opinion more.

                Every manufacturer of motor vehicles in the world, cars and bikes, has to go through all sorts of special modifications to make their stuff compliant with CA’s unique emission standards. So do aftermarket makers of exhaust systems. That’s why almost all of them for last 30 years say “race use only” because that’s the only way they can legally sell them in CA. It looks like their just going to start enforcing laws that have existed for a long time. There is no way that this instance portents draconian laws spreading their way across the rest of the USA. We’re still good in Midwest.

                • NewOldSchool

                  Its a snowball effect. Sure you’re “good in the Mid West” now, but federal pollution standards began in California and they will slowly become more strict in other places. Especially when said laws have the ability to generate revenue. That is how California legislators and CARB see themselves, as the example for the nation. I would be extremely worried if I were you.

                  Yes people have been complaining about loud pipes, that’s why it’s an issue. When environmentalist lobbies are looking for an excuse to make emissions laws more harsh, they look for any other reason they can to push it and create a public outcry. The noise is what the general public (i e constituents or voters) really care about and it is tacked on and used to support the green agenda.

                  California is owned and ran by liberal lobbies and special interests that twist public information. There is currently a MASSIVE exodus of businesses and workers from CA to Texas, Nevada and other more business friendly states, and this is not helping. It’s why SEMA was created to protect us, the consumer.

                  Back to the original argument- there is no point to an insanely loud exhaust than to draw attention or passive aggressively piss someone off on a street ridden motorcycle.

                  The Joe/Jane (pc) public is outraged PRIMARILY and almost Exclusively by noise levels, not pollution levels. They see it as a pretentious nuisance.








                • richard gozinya

                  More vehicles on the road means each vehicle needs to produce fewer emissions, otherwise we end up with filthier air. I guess that’s another good argument to move to EVs. No more issues with emissions and noise levels.

                • aristurtle

                  California is owned and run by California voters, and most of those people live in a weather system that concentrates smog. Ranting about the “liberal lobbies and special interests” who are “looking for an excuse to make emissions laws more harsh” as part of the “green agenda” makes you look like a douchebag. Who the hell gave you permission to fart unlimited amounts of nitric oxides into the air that I’m trying to breathe? These rules were created to solve actual problems.

                  Motorcycles got a holiday from emissions laws for decades, and the result was stagnant emissions tech on motorcycles. You couldn’t buy a clean one if you wanted to. Hell, it wasn’t even good for performance or reliability! The automotive industry got rid of carbeurators in the seventies as part of dealing with emissions standards, and it broke the industry out of the “local maximum” of carbs and got us reliable, performant EFI systems. Meanwhile, in the motorcycle world, Kawasaki ditched carbs for their low-cost sportbike for the, uh, 2013 model year. Wow.

                • NewOldSchool

                  The end point of the rant, and yes I did get carried away into a political rant, is that when someone with a obnoxiously loud motorcycle rides by your first thought is not “hmmm I wonder if that conveyance is within emissions compliance!?”

                  For a majority of folks (riding and non-riding) it’s something more along the lines of, “I wish I could do something about forcing them to quiet down.”

    • je

      Stickers… gawwwwwd damn I hate motorcycles with stickers. Killing our image.

      Maybe you guys should take the bus………….. and wear ear muffs

  • NewOldSchool

    Didn’t you know? Loud bikes with open pipes only suck when they are V-twins and air cooled. Duh.


    • rohorn

      I’ve been hoping someone would see this as a rolling middle finger at the “Loud outlaw old V-twin” bit. That Honda (or what’s left of it) makes them look (and sound) like invalid carriages for the vaguely animate.

      • NewOldSchool

        Haha I do understand, but that may be lost on them.

        My aim was to highlight the irony of praising this and lambasting the cruiser crowd for essentially the same assholery.

        • Mark D [EX500]

          Fast and quiet – Cool
          Slow and quiet – Cool
          Fast and loud – FUCK YEAH
          Slow and loud – …seriously?

          • NewOldSchool

            I’m not saying it’s not cool, its fucking rad.

  • Alan

    Well….this bike is now going to be fraught with problems…running on the salt like that..tsk tsk…one should know better than to do that to a prized possession.

    “but its sew kooooool!!!!!!”


    what evs..

  • Paul

    carbon wheels?

  • Emmet

    I have straight pipes on my 650 triumph. Loud as fuck. Sounds great, but I don’t need everyone in a half mile radius to hear when I hit a false neutral. My friend’s hopped-up Triumph 750 flat tracker has a quiet exhaust for the fire breather it is-and it can stand its ground the quarter mile with the crf450 riders. That said, I’m saving up for a stock system-I feel like an asshole kickstarting my bike at 7am for work and revving until she settles at a high idle (removed the choke slide from the carb, common practice for Amals).

  • Coreyvwc

    Lots of people are very upset about a very small part of the larger story here, and that’s a shame. This motorcycle belongs to a professional rider who has been riding longer than you, is better than, and is far more respected than you. Further more, he is probably having a lot more fun than you. Please bare that in mind.

  • pplassm

    Battlestar Gallactica called. They want their boots back.

    And you’re too loud.

  • mugget


    Love the sound of this bike! Makes me want to build one…

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    I want my paywall back

  • Jesse Oakes

    Must say, this is a kick ass bike and the dunlop 616′s put a finishing touch to the look! Oh and loud pipes rock!

  • MotoEnthusiast

    If this thing has a fuel gauge it’s my dream bike