Does the 2013 Yamaha FJR1300 make the same power as the old one?

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The 2013 Yamaha FJR1300, due for official release in Cologne next week, isn’t shaping up to be markedly different from the current bike, itself debuted in 2001. First, leaked photos show only limited visual changes to the fairing, clocks and subframe, now this dyno chart, also published prematurely by Akrapovic and scooped by Oliepeil, seems to be all samey samey too. Where the current bike regularly dynos at just over 120rwhp and 90lb/ft of torque, this chart shows, well, the same damn thing. Torque here is likely expressed in Newton Meters, so 118 of those equals 87lb/ft. Exciting stuff.

  • BMW11GS

    Does it need more power? This seems like the horsepower incrementalism and spitting match ethos we normally eschew here on HFL.

    • szu

      It may be disappointing that this bike didn’t change that much, but… engine never needed more power, that for sure.

      • Ganesh

        As a FJR owner it is disappointing that this bike has not changed. it was a game changer when it debuted. sad to a porky triumph sprint as well – a lightweight modern engined (more power/torque/efficiency) sport tourer shouldn’t be hard

  • Troy R

    They haven’t changed the ST1300 in nearly a decade and the FJR is newer. It’s also the least-interesting of the breed IMO. Concourse if you want the most performance, ST1300 if you want dead nuts reliability, R1200RT if you want lightweight luxury. What does the FJR have over the other mid-large sized sport-tourers?