Flock Yeah 3: Cheeseburgers in Paradise

Dailies -



Fancy a spot of moped mayhem this weekend? The Latebirds are bringing their annual rally to Los Angeles in a three day orgy of pre-mix, pedals and inappropriate-for-August flannel. Events kick off tomorrow with a ride around LA and drinks/pizza at our favorite dive bar/pizza joint, Tony’s and Pizzanista, but things reach a climax on Saturday with a ride through Malibu and a warehouse party in Echo Park. Mopeds are what motorcycles are supposed to be.


  • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

    I’d say moped people are what motorcycle people are supposed to be, thoses guys have too much fun.

    Also, the demoscene-esque ending of the video is awesome.

    • Scott-jay

      Honda’s Cub, the ‘meet the nicest people’ bike, would be in moped niche today.
      Maybe wheel’s gonna make another turn?

    • Brian Warrington

      We mostly ride outdated toys, and we have fun working on our own bikes, while a majority of moto people just have them serviced.
      We customize them, make them go “fast”(relavent term) or ride them stock. Its not about what you ride, but the fact that you ride. Its kind of hard to be pretentious with a giant effing grin across your face.

      Basically this sums it up!

      “We want to be free to do what we want to do! We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man. And that’s what we’re gonna do.” The Wild Angels

  • Dani Peral

    Love the music!

  • aadmanz

    Fun you say? On a moded you say?

    Next week is the Red Bull Alpenbrevet and being the only participants from a little country with no mountains we had to go the extra mile for our preparations..


    • Steven

      Team Holland?

      Team USA 2k10 checking in.

      Mopeds rallies are so much fun that even the Swiss loosen up and get rad at them.

      • aadmanz

        I think I’ve seen you in one of the videos.. :-)

  • NewOldSchool

    2)Motorcylces/scooters for sale
    3)Max $600 (min $200 weeds out parts and gear)
    4)Grab a beer
    5)Enjoy your afternoon

  • http://www.1977mopeds.com dan

    I so wish I could be there for this.

    • Brian Warrington

      Dan, We definitely missed you!

  • Keith

    The FDA needs to warn people about those burgers!!!
    LoL :)

  • kinsler

    Thanks for the compliments. This video was fun to make, shot in 2 weekends, and posted in a blaze of after effects and whiskey.

    Was that Grant riding with us on sunday? Never got to introduce myself

  • Brian Warrington

    Saturday was the best ride I have ever been on. 70 miles of Los Angeles. Parts of it you could live your whole life here and never see. Mulholland Hwy with a 2 mile long line of 2 strokes and smoke will do nothing but blow your mind.