Honda CEO talks CBR500, MotoGP-replica

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Speaking earlier today, Honda CEO Takanobu Ito made some interesting remarks about both the upcoming CBR500 that we spied last week, but also an unexpected new superbike that’ll carry forward the heritage of bikes like the RC30 while drawing technology from the firm’s MotoGP bikes. In short: yes!

On the CBR500: “In the area of large-sized motorcycles, following the New Mid Series, Honda will introduce a series of large-sized models with a new concept, which enable customers to more easily enjoy daily commuting and weekend touring. This stylish new series will be equipped with a “torqueful” engine, low seat height which increases the ease of handling, and a comfortable ride with high stability in maneuvering. The production of the first model in this new series will begin in February 2013 at Kumamoto Factory, Honda’s global motorcycle production operation, and sales will begin from North America.”

Remember, Honda is a global company, producing 19 million motorcycles a year for enormous markets like Southeast Asia. Away from the concept of American Exceptionalism, a 500cc is a “large-sized model.”

Snapped last week, this CBR500 promises to bring the broad appeal and useability of the CBR250 to a larger capacity.

On the new superbike: “”Since its market introduction in 1987, the RC30(VFR750R) super sports bike has been loved by a large number of fans. With a goal to create a new history, passionate Honda engineers have gotten together and have begun development of a new super sports bike to which new technologies from MotoGP machines will be applied.”

You can read the rest of Ito-san’s speech here.

  • robotribe

    Yes. More “torqueful”, please.

  • tpnewsk

    Maybe a street bike based on the RC213V-derived CRT bike Honda are reported to be creating?

  • tomwito

    I have been telling anyone who’ll listen to me that Honda was going to make a new RC superbike. Based on how good the Aprilia did with the RSV4 and that they put out the VFR1200. RC (whatever number) with a DSG gearbox. Yes, I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy a 2012 liter bike.

  • zipp4

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    • Wes Siler

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        Not a real complaint as this is now a free site, but still, I guess I’m a bit disappointed.

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      Yo shiz is all effed up, bro.

  • mugget

    The CBR500… that’ll be interesting. Not a bike for me though.

    The new MotoGP-derived superbike… that will also be very interesting, but definitely a bike for me! Keeping on the lookout for more info on this one!

  • 10/10ths

    No banners here with Firefox on a Mac.

    You guys are awesome, please keep doing what you do.

    • jp182

      People are seeing banners?

      • Chris Davis

        Spoiler alert: He is a banner.

  • Campisi

    The CBR500 sounds like a neat bike, but after being exposed to a twenty-year-old CB400 I can’t help but feel the new machine will be underwhelming by comparison.

  • Kevin

    What are the odds that the new CB1000 will be sold in the US in the near future? Still holding out hope…

  • noblsht

    The CBR 250 is a pretty thing but just a bit short in the 80 to 100 acceleration thing. Good to hear it is getting another testicle. Any word on whether the CB1100 would ever come here or is that a sail cat?

    • adrenalnjunky

      I can’t help but wonder if 80-100 acceleration tests factor greatly in 250cc bike purchaser’s reasoning for buying the bike.

      Then again, I know enough 600 owners who love to tell me that their bikes can top 190 maybe 250 buyers expect more fantastic output.

  • Cro

    New V4 superbike was just a matter of time.

    Big question is how Big H will differentiate it from the CBRR line. Are times that much improved that they can offer two different sport bike lines (I4 and V4)?

    Surely the new VFRR will be a liter bike, yeah? And with the CBRR1000 getting long in the tooth (design-wise that is; It’s still a helluvabike for real world nimrods like myself) would they consider dropping further development on I4 1000cc race replicas and go with a V4? Create another tier with the VFRR as the cream dream?

    As stated previously, this will at the very least put them back in the hunt at the superbike racing level with Aprillia. Honda has already stated they will be offering a turn key CRT based on the RC21_V for MotoGP, so the VFRR motor was going to be built anyway. And given the spec ECU regs that Dorna are implementing in 2014 for prototypes, mayhaps Honda really will make good on their threats to pull their prototype efforts from the mix but keep their hand in MotoGP with grids packed with VFRR CRTs, AND become competitive again in SBK, etc.

    Good news, regardless.

  • Erok

    Honda motogp, can we get some weird v5 action?

  • noblsht

    The next eagerly awaited test comparison might be the Ninja 300 versus a Honda CBR 500?