Italy vs England at Cafe Desmo 2012

Dailies -



Like exotic and vintage Italian motorcycles? Then get yourself to Glendale this weekend for Pro Italia’s annual festival of all things fast and fragile, Cafe Desmo. The annual event brings together hundreds of rare motorcycles with thousands of enthusiasts and industry magnates. As the dealer prepares to open a dedicated Triumph showroom next month, they’ll be shaking things up by raffling off a Steve McQueen edition Bonneville, tickets are just $10.

Where: Pro Italia, 3319 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA

When: Sunday, Sept 30, starting at 10am

  • Charlie

    Wish I could join on my ’74 GT…it’s getting colder and the leaves are falling in CT. If it’s sunny and warm every day you don’t really appreciate it, right.

    • PenguinScotty

      It’s been incredibly hot in LA for the past few days, around 100+. I’d definitely prefer the CT weather right now :P.

      Sadly, i was at another event as well. Seems like this weekend was stacked with different motorcycle events in Cali.

      You guys going to do a little event coverage?

  • Coreyvwc

    So when do we get to hear the story about Wes’s bloody ass that kept him from attending Cafe Desmo?

    • PenguinScotty

      I am intrigued… continue…

      • Coreyvwc

        The wide world of Instagram my friend, there is no separation between work and personal life these days… haha

    • Mitch

      I… don’t want to hear that story. Rather, I don’t want to see it.