KTM 1190 Adventure R: first official photos

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This is the first official photo of the all-new KTM 1190 Adventure R. It’s differentiated from the KTM 1190 Adventure (no R) that we showed you yesterday by the fitment of a 21-inch front wheel, a one-piece seat, shorter screen and standard crash bars. It also appears to be equipped with higher-quality, fully-adjustable WP suspension front and rear. It should still have the same, 148bhp engine, ride-by-wire, traction control, ABS and all the other farkles.

Update: 92lb/ft of torque, 9,000-mile service intervals.

There’s also two, first-seen-here official images of the regular 1190 Adventure in this gallery. Click this link if the gallery is giving you trouble.

  • Groomez

    SMT + ADV = New 1190 Adv

  • BMW11GS

    Good looking bike. Period. My opinion is first and therefore most valuable ;)

    • http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=305107 stickfigure

      Sigh. Looks like any other pseudo-adv bike. Totally missing the iconic styling of the 950/990.

      I remember seeing a 950A for the first time, parked on the street. My first thought was: “Wow, that is the ugliest bike I have ever seen!” My second thought was: “I’m in love!”

    • Robert M

      Very good looking bike! The grey and orange schemes are very well done.

  • smoke4ndmears

    9000 mile service intervals? woof!

    • BMW11GS

      Is that oil and filter or valves too?

  • John

    Again, too big, too heavy, might as well take a Gold Wing.

  • Coreyvwc

    I don’t understand why this one gets the R (racing) moniker when it’s supposedly meant to go off road. Standard model should be R and this should be XC (or something). Strange Austrians…

    • Kevin

      KTM does most of its racing off-road

      • Coreyvwc

        I do realize that, but even insinuating that this thing is anywhere close to some form of off road racer is a bad joke.

  • Johndo

    I’m sure those are great bikes. Just can’t get over the looks of it.

  • Charlie

    Pics may not do it justice, and makes the wheelbase look immense. Reading the tidbits on the new Multi I think KTM may still be 2nd in the road race. So the 500lb dirt bike was the answer to an unnecessary question, but now we have several better answers. As much as I like the adventure motif, if you’re looking for a real touring machine why not the RT, K16 or new Triumph Trophy? I think the only response could be that new dual spark Testastretta 11. It’s the Cayenne Turbo of rigs