Portland to Dakar: a riding movie

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First there was motorcycle drifting vs car drifting and it was good. Then Nick and Ernie raced a cop car up a mountain in Oregon and it was better. Now, Ernie Vigil sets out on an epic journey aboard a Triumph Tiger 800 XC and, well judge for yourself. The 30-minute adventure is below.

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  • NewOldSchool



    • aristurtle

      you mad

      • NewOldSchool


  • Scott-jay

    Couldn’t do it; I ‘fell-off’ around 5:25.
    Highlights: orange-white paint & harsh sounds of bottomed-out suspensions as riders hopped down plaza stairways.

  • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

    Wow, this is the way you sell motorcycle gear. The announcer guy is fantastic. Nick and Ernie’s acting…not so much.. Still top notch all the way around.

    • http://hivelosangeles.com Sean Smith

      Alonzo Bodden, the announcer dude, had this built after he wrecked it at Buttonwillow during a track day, and he won Last Comic Standing. Couldda got a worse dude.

      • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

        Not too shabby.

    • http://respectthetrade.tumblr.com/ KR Tong

      Alonzo’s a standup comedian. If you can you should see him live.

      Also this was pretty damn great. At least sold me on a tiger as a possible one-pony stable.

  • http://twitter.com/metabomber Jesse

    NOS enabled blast across the desert? Oh hells yes.

    I also like that they crash test the gear for me. I appreciate that type of effort.

  • zero

    Great riding, great locations, great filmography, great music… I don’t care even the slightest that this was an icon ad, it was good fun.

  • LabRat

    “$50,000, almost as much as I earn in a day!” Great line, Alonzo.
    Love the sound of those Triumph triples!

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    That was pretty awesome. Amazing riding and incredible cinematography.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Awesome vid, definitely a good way to spend 30 minutes!

    Only downside (if you can call it that) is that now I want to go out and thrash around on a big dual sport!!

    • craymor


  • nymoto

    That was rad

  • webbiker

    Oh my. Am really I this Susceptible. Take my money Icon!

  • David P.

    Icon needs to take a page from the book of internet porn and quit trying to inject “plot” into their videos. You make a great product and have good riders on your team; just show us the money shot.

  • ike6116

    Icon needs to cut the shit and stop breaking out of the predefined box we’ve put them into.

    Get it right Icon, you’re gear for squidbros. stop making a complete, compelling product line.

  • Keith

    Yes, it’s an ad.
    But when they put that much effort into engaging me, I don’t mind the logos.
    That was a really well put together bit of vid.The action director has an A game for sure!
    The shot of them dancing with the dust devil in the desert was brilliant.
    Great shooting, editing, locations and a sound track that doesn’t hurt my feelings.
    Nicely done.
    Now, where did I leave my Icon gloves…

  • Az


  • Dylan

    That worked for me. I want to do nothing more right now then to go out and get on one of those new Tigers and thrash it wearing some Icon gear. Well done

  • Tommy

    Things I learned:
    -I suck at riding a motorcycle
    -Icon is throwing a lot of money at their marketing/advertising, and its fucking awesome. Say what you will about squids in their vests, they are doing some of the coolest shit in motorcycles right now.