The KTM 1190 Adventure motor

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Shot by German motorcycle journalist Jochen Vorfelder, this is the first photo of the new liquid-cooled v-twin used in the KTM 1190 Adventure. Based on the RC8′s powerplant, the LC8 here develops 148bhp and 92lb/ft of torque.

“They started to work on the engine two years ago, based on the LC8 V-twin engine that they use for the RC8 superbike,” Jochen tells us. “148 HP 110 kW is correct. The engine you see is not a protoype, but one of the first final engines build into the last test bikes. Shot in the factory two and a half months ago.”

  • zero

    Was supposedly a great engine in the RC8. Maybe they’ll actually sell a few of them in the Adventure. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the non-existent used RC8′s to pop up on craigslist…

    • Glenngineer

      The only RC8 I’ve ever seen was an R, and it was sitting in a Victory dealer in the middle of winter.

      I dunno.

  • moshaholic2

    While the RC8 may look cool. The word in the AMA pitlane is it’s a total POS. Next to the Yammi’s, it’s the next most expensive bike in the series (over $100K into it) and it’s still a total dog. They can’t for the life of them get that thing to work well.

    • nymoto

      I have no idea about it – but I was at the AMA NJMP weekend races – and holy shit did it sound awesome (even in 6th place).

      • smoke4ndmears

        The 1190R sounded better!

        • noone1569

          I agree. You know when either the EBR or the RC8 is coming down the track though.

          • smoke4ndmears

            Because you can feel them through your feet!

    • PenguinScotty

      Well, on the other hand, they dominated the IDM championship with them last year.

      It’s not as easy as comparing apples and oranges, sadly. Just look at Suzuki. They are insanely good in the AMA but mediocre on the WSBK level. Essentially all the race bikes are such a huge departure from the stock unit and then you add different teams implementing different components, it just gets a clusterbargle.

      Wonder who would invest so much in the AMA KTM program, though. KTM teams tend to be privately run, so there must be one crazy, and now poor, guy around.

  • JTB

    Yep thats an engine……I do like the shipping cover over the clutch cover and the shipping crate, very nice.

  • JP

    I have heard anecdotally that the RC8 is indeed a POS in racing circles. As an ownership prospect, at least in Australia they cost a fortune to own and operate. Mechanics warned me before I bought an Adventure about the well known waterpump and electrical issues, and that KTM stood for “Keep Taking Money”

    Fellow riding buddy has a month old RC8 that blew its gearbox out through the crankcase last weekend. He is less than impressed. It was lucky neither he or any others in the riding group behind him went down in all the oil.

    I would go short of saying these are disastrously unreliable though. That is reserved for anything BMW these days.

    • PenguinScotty

      If the water pump issue is the only thing that goes wrong with it, then holy crap where’s the problem? There is a difference between reliability like a KLRs or a V-Strom, but for one, i will guarantee you that you”ll have more fun on the Adventure.

      Guess it depends on who you talk to in racing circles. Track buddies, totally can see that. AMA racing? Yeah, they’ve been crapping out hard there. IDM? Yeahtheywonthatprettygood.

      Did your buddy get the bike to a dealer to figure out what happened?

      • JP

        Bike is sitting at a KTM dealer in Sydney for just on a week with no response. Mechanics there have already damaged the fairing removing it.

        The Australian GM of KTM has not responded yet either as far as I’m aware. To be fair, I’ve received similar poor service on my 950 Adventure – but that is not the fault of the Manufacturer. Most motorcycle dealers and distributors are exorbitant and substandard down here.

        • PenguinScotty

          That sucks to hear. It”s annoying that the face of a company, the dealers, can ruin something so easily.

          I hope your buddy gets his bike fixed/replaced or reimbursed.

          Stay safe.

  • Eugene

    I have owned 3 LC8 engined KTM’s and while there were issues they were hardly what i would call unreliable. Great motors, great suspension, top shelf components, and perfectly sized for tall folks. The RC8 is a different story but IMO there are no Japanese brands that made comparable bikes to the 950sm, 950se, 950adv anyway.

    • Kevin

      I’ve had a 950 and a 690 now and while they have had some non-trivial issues (water pump seal, fuel pump), if you research the problems beforehand, somebody probably has a good fix for them. Then, if you just go ahead and take care of those one or two things as preventative maintenance, they’re every bit as reliable as the Japanese with much, much better build quality. Plus you can just go ride the damn thing instead of having to bolt on five grand worth of parts just to make it a decent motorcycle.

    • PenguinScotty

      Yeah, it’s the power of the internet. “OMG WATERPUMP EXPLOSIONS!!!”. And on the other hand, you rarely hear about final drive failures in the GS’.

      No bike will ever be entirely bulletproof especially European bikes, but instead of running around crying about it i’d rather see the small guys do better instead of jumping on the 60th japanese bike.

      Personal opinion here

    • Scott-jay

      Engine/exhaust sounds from LC8 twins I’ve heard sound is so nice.

  • AHA

    I have owned a 990SM for 3 years from new and done over 10,000 miles with no problems with that version of the LC8. Only limited mileage on track however.

    The RC8R is probably better as a road bike than a proper racer. Some journos even suggested it’s really a sport tourer!

  • Zach

    Off Topic: Is the tips email address working for anybody else? Not upset if it has been discontinued since the buyout, but would like to know.