Watch a racer fake passing out, mid-race

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After lowsiding during a very wet race in Brazil, Marlinton dos Reis Teixeira was unable to get his bike restarted. DNF and lose any potential points or try something, anything to get the race red flagged and restarted? A man with a plan, Marlinton literally leaps across the track in order to perform the world’s least convincing fake faint, while helpfully removing himself from the racing line. The unintentional comedy has to be seen to be believed.

Despite Marlinton’s cunning plan, race officials soon caught on to the fake faint and are debating banning him from the series all together.

Thanks for the tip, Stephen.

  • Jesse

    Weak acting chops.

  • BMW11GS

    hahah that is awesome! I’m a fan

  • damien

    what a fucking idiot.

  • Dennis

    Now I don’t have to buy a ticket to see Premium Rush.

  • Andres Freire

    That is so Boss!

  • James

    He was thinking, “What would Ronaldo do?”

  • doublet

    what a pussy.

  • NewOldSchool

    Worst emergency response time ever?

    • noone1569

      This is what I am thinking. No corner workers? WTF. This guy was in the racing line for ~3 min before track officials came to his help.

      • mugget

        The organizers should ban themselves from the series all together…

  • Charles

    He looks like the Fisher Price Adventure People Motorcycle Guy:

  • A Green

    If racing doesn’t work out for him, looks like he’d be a perfect fit for soccer:
    (might want to hit mute…)

  • wascostreet

    I don’t always fix my bike on hot racetracks, but when I do, I like to stand right in the impact zone. With my back to the action.

    • Jesse

      Yeah, this guy is full of brilliant ideas.

  • ~RUSH~

    “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

  • Duarte Vieira

    He’s got a lot to learn from this guy:

  • Deltablues

    The funny part…They just go on and let his dumb ass lay on the track.

  • DavidMG

    I saw a clip of this earlier today without context on an other site. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I thought maybe he hurt his ankle when he dropped the bike and fell to the side.

  • Johndo

    oh man, he must feel like an idiot now. Its like in the US people faking slipping on wet floors to sue building owners, and then seeing themselves on tape faking the slip hehe priceless.

  • roccopeterbilt

    I give hm props for the commitment. From about 1 minute in until about 3 minutes in he is just laying there, in the rain, while other riders just go past. He opening was weak, but he finished strong.

  • zato1414

    Oh the humanity! All those bikes laid on the ground to help a “Fallen Rider”. CPR or a swift kick to the testicles… he would be getting up.

    • mugget

      Yeah I bet his fellow racers wouldn’t be too happy when they see this video…

  • pplassm

    I saw a top US rider do something very similar at VIR in an AMA Superbike race several years ago. A lot of people saw him do it, and nothing happened.

    Flat-trackers do it a lot, too.

  • Guino

    Shame. He was banned from the state tournament at least.

  • paulester17

    Although he created a dangerous situation for his fellow riders, that is the funniest thing I have seen in quite a while.