Watch a ZX-10R hit a trailer dead on

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Jeans? Check. T-Shirt? Check. Sneakers? Check. Incompetent operation of a liter bike? Check. What we’ve got here is the perfect recipe for a great crash, and this ZX-10R rider does not disappoint, failing to miss a trailer making a right turn as he steams through a pack of riders. Only injuries were apparently a broken arm and leg, but there’s no way this guy is ever getting back on a bike.

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Thanks for the tip, Johnny.

  • The other Joe

    Don’t underestimate the power of stupidity, this guy seems just dumb enough to try it again!

  • adrenalnjunky

    Amazing just how quickly shoes leave your feet in a crash. Seriously – unless they were being worn in full slip-on mode.

    A buddy went down on his SV650 and lost a tightly laced Wolverine 9 eyelet.

    WTF was this guy doing though – everyone else was riding rationally?

    He needs to make a full recovery, cause camera-bike guy owes him a full ass whipping for causing him to drop his bike too.

    • Mitch

      Shoes being liberated from your feet is maybe the hardest thing to convey to people new or skeptical to gear. People just don’t appreciate the forces generated in a crash.

      • Scott-jay

        “… just don’t appreciate the forces generated in a crash.”
        Nor how flexible feet are.

    • Michael

      Seriously, I was just replaying those shoes over and over. At first I thought one was the speedo/tach but nope it was a shoe!

      • Matthew Mason

        How tight are boots supposed to be? Mine are comfortable but not really tight. Watching video’s like this make me wonder if my icon reigns will be squeaky clean flying through the air as my nub of a foot sands away on the road.

      • Mitch

        Wow, at just about 0:19 you can see both shoes flying in frame!

  • damien

    holy shite!

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Yow. Physics in action.

    At first my brain thought, “Nah, this is a hoax, that’s a crash-test dummy.” The inevitable next thought: “Well, yeah, in a way it is.”

    Get well soon, you idiot, but please stay away from me.

  • wwalkersd

    He obviously didn’t figure on camera-bike guy coming up alongside.

    • wwalkersd

      The guy flew a long way for not looking like he was going very fast. Makes me wonder if the impact bike is NOT the bike we see on the right side while the trailer is still ahead, but another one that came up from behind.

    • Robert M

      It appears to be a third bike overtaking fast from behind. Bike on right = red? + slow. Exploded bike = orange + fast.

  • Gene

    The East German judge gives a 10 for the perfect “flying W”

    • JMcMahon

      +1 for Bruce Brown

  • Mark D [EX500]

    Good thing he was wearing a helmet, if there’s one valuable thing this guys has, its a brain.

    Oh, wait, no.

  • Michael Gore

    Why didn’t everyone just go into the other lane? OMFG it’s a double yellow, don’t ya know they have force fields now…..can’t….cross….the ….. force …..field……………..must…crash…into …. trailer… and…… cross… the.. DY….with….my….ragdoll……body…….

    • nick2ny

      Yup. The smudge is on the lens, the visibility looked great. I remember a “Year in the life of Metallica” video when Lars was driving his 911 around California like a lunatic and saying “I don’t know why people are so afraid of the lines, they’re just paint, they should make them from nails and broken glass if they don’t want me to drive everywhere.”

      Hahaha, I found it! 11:55 –

      Actually all of minute 11 has some great Lars driving! And yes, I realize that isn’t a 911.

  • The Blue Rider

    That was real… and spectacular!

    It’s amazing what the body can take without dying immediately. It looks like Speedy McSplodeybike damned near landed on his neck.

  • je

    I see a tail/brake light on the truck but not the trailer.. Depending on his position in the pack and the color of the trailer it’s possible he didn’t see it… Either way when the pack slows you should probably slow.. Know your surroundings

  • Trev

    Not that this usually happens, but this is why I don’t ride with groups (or even others) on the street; because some “fellow” riders can screw things up for you.

  • Slothrop

    In the still shot at the top there’s one of his shoes flying and it’s just like when Charlie Brown gets hit by the baseball…

  • Mr.Paynter

    uGHGHGHGH… Video wont looad! Anyone have a link for me?

  • FiveG

    Has to be a third bike. If you slowly view it, the red bike to the right is not only going slow, but it’s direction is such that there’s no way it could have then veered over to hit like the crasher did. Plus, I think the red bike rider was “geared up.”

    Looks to me like a rider who was either impatient or overly convinced of his skills (and a moron to boot) who decided he would prove he’s a manly man by “scooting through the opening.”

    All the gear all the time is great, but dumb riding can top that.

  • Keith

    I don’t know about the scooting through.
    It’s not like he clipped the edge of the trailer but looks like he hit it right about the centre.
    Not keeping his head up.Lucky MoFo not to be dead!
    And , yes, the camera bike rider owes dickhead as asswhoopin’!

  • DoctorNine

    It appears that the first thing to hit pavement after he starts cartwheeling, is his head.
    Which is somehow appropriate…

  • Case

    I like how the shoe disappears out of frame but re-appears again before the guy with the camera crashes. Nice touch. That crash is pretty much everything you need to know about riding without gear, riding in a group, and not being a fucking idiot, all rolled into one.

  • Gene

    I had an acquaintance buy a new GSXR, and he was coming out of a corner watching the tach do incredible things… right into the back of a Tri-County Transit bus.

    Somehow he survived, but he had enough metal coming out of him to make sure he wasn’t flying anywhere. He was also stupid enough to waste money trying to sue the bus company.

    Looks like the same sort of inattention here.

  • Scott Pargett
    • Vincent

      Hah thanks buddy