Watch Carlin Dunne win Pikes Peak, again

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Complete with expensive helicopter shots, fast edits and dramatic music, here’s Ducati’s official video recap of Carlin Dunne’s victory at the PPIHC. Racing on the now totally-paved course, Dunne set a new record of 9:52.81, hitting speeds in excess of 144mph aboard his Ducati Multistrada 1200.

  • Dylan

    Now that Pikes Peak is fully paved whats stopping Ducati from racing the 1199 there? are the roads still somewhat dirty or something?

    • Coreyvwc

      The rules.

      • zero

        I understand that sportbikes aren’t allowed, but I was just looking at the rule book to get a sense of what specifically bans them. The only thing that I could come up with is

        “Any motorcycle in the 450, 750, 1205 or vintage divisions must be equipped as an OVM with one piece handlebars attached with triple clamps. No motorcycles manufactured as an OVM with two piece clip- on style handlebars would be allowed to compete in the 450, 750,1205, Or vintage classes”

        This makes me think that a new Tuono, Brutale, Streetfighter, or speed triple could compete. That said, the multi is fast enough that the Tuono might be the only on to give it a real run.

        • TreMoto_Eddie

          Sportbikes, sans slicks, were allowed in Exhibition Powersports class this year.

        • Tom Fiegener

          Triumph Competes with a Speed Triple. I think it is more about Ducati branding the Multistrada as the ideal bike for this.

        • Dylan

          Thank you for actually responding to my post. Now it makes sense why they didnt race there. I would definitely like to see a speed triple video up there

      • Dylan

        Wow thank you SO MUCH for that super informative post!!!! Now I know all the facets of why the 1199 didn’t race there Coreywc….

      • contender

        I imagine the rules will start to change now that the whole thing’s paved. They want to get more people interested in the race.

  • Beale

    Well, that was a limp dick of a video.

    The new multi is a stupidly capable bike and somehow they never captured it.

    • Lacubrious

      Then watch the Greg Tracy on board camera for the pucker factor.

      • Zach

        The Greg Tracy video is way more exciting. This new one isn’t even as good as last year’s promo.

  • Michael Gore

    Pretty lame ass promo piece. Too bad, I’ve trailed Carlin Dunne on a couple of demo rides out of Ducati of Santa Barbara, and he can rail. Also, he’s a really nice guy and pretty humble. He is the last winner of Pike’s Peak on the dirt, and the first winner of Pike’s Peak on all asphalt. The history books will remember him.

  • drsus

    why are they using the multi still? isnt the pikes peak run all paved now?
    take a panigale or last years R and smoke that record first time out

  • Scott-jay

    Man, that advertising hits home with this boomer.

  • Alan

    Someone should run an MT-01 up there. Its not hella fast but it will power through the corners like nothing else…..

  • JC

    Music killed it for me.