Watch Ernie Vigil throw a race to a Z06

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Here’s a segment from American Top Gear in a format you might actually watch. In it, Ernie Vigil is tasked with out-drifting a Corvette Z06 driven by Tanner Foust. Yeah that seems like kind of a pointless contest to us too and, watching it, one that Ernie was clearly capable of winning. Isn’t TV magical?

  • Nick Hobbs

    Tanner Foust … challenge: drive something without drifting, and talking

  • jpenney

    I love the stuff Ernie does but this is kind of let down. I know it’s entertainment, but some people will watch this and think that this is accurate.

    • Fizzy Fox

      Don’t be such a fuddy duddy. That was awesome.

  • richard gozinya

    How much did he get paid to lose that race?

  • iconmotosports

    Interesting challenge… We feel like it’s been done before.

    • Wes Siler


    • Jesse

      Tee hee.

  • Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

    I was at the front of the line where they stopped traffic at the base of the bridge that day and had a front row seat to see them come through the 360 degree onramp at full speed and then race up the bridge. It wasn’t even close.

  • Ax

    Drifting is kinda neat for what it is, but I’d love to see a real race between a “drifter” and someone driving to be fast — just to show what is actually the fastest way to get around corners. Then again, I guess that would be incredibly boring, huh?

    • Wes Siler

      Or just a foregone conclusion.

      • zero

        I agree that this is faked and a bit silly, but you’d be shocked how close (or faster in some cases) the C6 Z06 is to liter bikes on the track.

    • rohorn

      Sort of like comparing figure skating to speed skating, right?

      Is drifting a relative of stunting?

      • JMcMahon

        Another analogy would be watching an NBA game vs. the Harlem Globetrotters. One is a serious competition and the other is entertainment.

    • NewOldSchool
    • $Lindz$

      I’d happily agree with you if Rhys Millen didn’t just beat the entire field at Pikes Peak in his drift car. Obviously it’s not the fastest way around corners, that’s a given. But the fact that his car was literally his Formula D Genesis (he just wasn’t drifting the whole time) and he beat all those absolutely insane unlimited cars and drivers.

      Anyways, this whole clip was dumb because there is no way you’re “racing” anyone on an extended swingarm stunt SP3 either.

  • mchale2020

    I’ll admit it.

    I was shouting at the television about how much BS this ‘race’ was.

    Then I remembered it was TGUSA and felt much better.

  • The other Joe

    Ernie definitely threw the race.

  • Troy R

    There’s an American Top Gear? Too bad it’s awful. I can tolerate the bike hatred on the UK Top Gear, it’s just too damn entertaining. But this?

    • Mitch

      I also don’t care much for American TG. Just seems really redundant and with half the charm.

      • Sean MacDonald (the other Sean)

        and cars that are way more boring. who cares about corvettes? i wouldnt be bummed if this were a police aventador.

    • GoFasterPB

      I’ll admit I get a kick out of both, but Top Gear UK has been so overly produced these past few seasons it really blurs the line between the two. The UK hosts are muppets enough that most of the over the top stuff works, but TGUSA is just a bit further off.

  • adrenalnjunky

    Seems like that Z06 should have a lot more identifying marking and auxillary lighting (flashers in the lights/grille/tail lights) if it were actually being used as a real patrol vehicle.

    I mean, I’ve seen seized cars turned into interceptors like this before, Vettes, Camaros, Stangs, Supras, Euros – an all of those that I’ve seen had more than a light bar and the word “Police” down the side. they all had the department/phone #’s etc. definitely more marking than this.

    And obviously, if it were an “undercover” vehicle, it wouldn’t need any of the stickers or light bar.

    It doesn’t even really work as a “show car” or “deterrent” vehicle to trot out to car shows and high school and driving courses, cause then you’d want it as a promotional tool for your police department.

    Seems like TopGearUS is serving a steaming pile of crap from all ends.

    The real TopGear doesn’t have to stoop to these levels. They’re at least entertaining, and well, you don’t have to listen to Tanner.

    • NewOldSchool

      I loath American Top Gear as much as the next, but you have to admit that the Original Top Gear is a BBC program with world wide viewership = 1000(?) times the budget.

      • adrenalnjunky

        I think that’s why I’ll still sit there and watch old TG episodes, even though the cars aren’t new anymore, and I know how a lot of the “challenges” turn out.

  • circuitsports

    top gear usa is such a farce – we love clarkson and the chaps not a bunch of girlscouts. They all have there niche but it’s not improving on men talking about cars. Actually I dont even like any of there other work either, nice guys though.

    Also since it is a show for cars I never would have expected the bike to win – not saying that it would since foust is a proven driver outside of drifting too and the z06 has alot of potential.

    Id like to see it recast with tiff needel, jason plato and chris harris.

  • pplassm

    How did TGUSA make that look boring? Genius!