2013 Triumph Street Triple R leaks at Intermot

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There’s going to be a raft of “new” bikes this year that won’t be substantially lighter or more powerful than the ones they replace. Witness the 2013 BMW R1200GS and now this 2013 Triumph Street Triple. While similar power and higher weights might not do much for you, the enthusiast, they absolutely soak the panties of European beaurocrats, who in 2013 are starting down the path to bringing bike noise and pollutant emissions in line with those of cars. The biggest change on this new Triumph is that low pipe, but don’t worry if you don’t own a Euro flag lapel pin and a green sportcoat, Triumph’s including some upgrades for enthusiasts too.

Our exceptionally tolerant friends at Oliepeil snapped this pic of the Triumph stand the night before the show opens, revealing on it images of what appears to be the 2013 Triumph Street Triple R. That seems to be growing inline with the Speed Triple R and Daytona 675 R in that it’s now denoted by a red subframe in addition to the badging, suspension and brake upgrades. Also, are those Brembo Monoblocs? Red rad guards? Oooo Err.

Previously, CARB docs have revealed that there will no changes in engine tuning or power output to the new bike.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Red bits? Ew.

  • Your_Mom

    Bureaucrats… not beaurocrats…

    • Kevin

      So speaking of those guys, if we want to be part of society, with all the rights and obligations thereof, we have to give a shit about the quality of what comes out of our tailpipe. That this seems to be nothing more than a nuisance to many riders doesn’t make sense to me. Seriously, what makes us to special that the hydocarbons we burn can make whatever pollution we damn well please?

      • lowslydr

        Thank you for stating this perspective. As a commuting motorcyclist, I like to view myself as a part of the transportation solution (high mpg, reducing congestion), not part of the transportation problem (noisy and highly polluting).

      • Your_Mom

        Agreed. It is okay in my book to be a green motorcyclist. In fact, it could be laudable.

  • BMW11GS

    So, a grainy photo is enough to denounce these bike(s), sounds good. I thought we liked emission compliance here too?

  • adrenalnjunky

    I just wish they’d put those headlights from the Thunderbird there back on the Street/Speed.

    • ~RUSH~