A bad day at the gas station

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You know you’re having a bad day when your KZ750 bursts into flames just after filling it with fuel. But two whoopsies like that in one day? That’s bad. Poor guy.

Thanks for the tip, Justin.

  • RSassi

    Dude, don’t ride anymore. The basic dynamics of moving forward on two-wheels is just lost on some people. If it doesn’t make sense in a basic fundamental intuitive manner, don’t do it. Or go back and start with a bicycle, maybe.

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      You’re making some very incorrect statements there.

      Motorcycling is not intuitive. No matter how much you believe that motorcycling is in your veins, fact is – it just isn’t. The only solution to gain skill in riding is to undertake appropriate training (I’m partial to CSS).

      Secondly, a bicycle works on the exact same principle as a motorcycle. So there’s not much point in “starting” on a bicycle, from the point of view that they operate exactly the same.

      The only sure solution is rider training.

  • bahnzii

    RSassi, you are so right. Still laughing at his buddies comment at the end when the other guy goes down just pulling into the driveway “oh my god…”, you know he was about to add “not f*king again!!. And for once someone mixed in some appropriate music :)

    • RSassi

      Seriously, his awkwardness when approaching that shallow obstacle does display a fundamental lack of understanding of the physics involved in overcoming it. Some activities just require or demand the experiential knowledge gained from engaging in a tangential activity.

  • Jeromy

    Any guesses as to why that bike lite on fire? I assuming a fuel leak, but from where?

    • austin_2ride

      Carburetor float bowl overflow hoses are most likely not there.

  • BMW11GS

    How did he go down on that curb in the end?

    • Adrian_B

      I don’t get how that happened, either.

    • Scott-jay

      Guess: rider approached driveway turn-in from street at shallow angle. He wasn’t prepared for how front-end reacted hitting the raised lip between gutter & driveway.
      Think that bike has sixteen-inch front, too.

      • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D [EX500]

        Nah, its an ex-500; 17″ front.

        But yeah, bad approach angle.

        • Scott-jay

          “… ex-500; 17″ front”
          After ’94 or so.

  • NewOldSchool

    Looks to me like a new rider (I assume) with no gear and little understanding of what he is doing.

    What’s more is he drops TWO BIKES in one day? You drop one of mine and you’ve lost your privileges until you can convince me otherwise/paid for the damage.

    That’s what smaller motorcycles and a parking lot or field are for. Please.

    • Adrian_B


  • Justin

    The fire wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if he hadn’t dropped the bike and spilled gas out of the top of the tank.

  • RT Moto

    Oh Darwin, how you work your magic sometimes.

  • Rick


  • DoctorNine

    Clearly, the Motorcycle Gods have deemed this specimen unfit for the sublime joy that is life on two wheels. If he has any sense, he will pick himself up, dust himself off, and do his required penance, by riding a moped off road, until in time they change their mind.

  • zato1414

    What a lump of human debris… same gas station? He should be banned for the public’s safety .

  • filly-fuzz

    I have rubbish spacial awareness and a history of being accident prone.

    I know, Motorcycling is the answer!

  • Brad

    Kawasaki fail.

  • circuitsports

    nice.. running away from the gas station and right past a source of water in the windsheild cleaning bin

    • NewOldSchool

      water + gas = :(