Around the world in 440 days

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Here’s a neat short film revisiting the exploits of Austin Vince and co. He, his brother and some friends sort of pioneered the whole ADV thing, riding through five continents to circumnavigate the world back in the mid ’90s. There were among the first westerners to cross the breadth of the former USSR after its fall. It’s a neat reminder that you don’t need a brand new GS to go places, just the ability to find “petrol, food and beer.”

Thanks for the tip, Eric.

  • Squid_Squidly

    I wonder if my Ninjette could make it…

    • Wes Siler

      Of course it could.

    • Tommy

      My friends rode to Tierra del Fuego on mopeds. Think the ninjette would do just fine.

      • Scott-jay

        Where’d they depart?

        • kinsler

          Rolled out of San Fran

          • Scott-jay

            San Francisco to Tierra del Fuego on mopeds!
            Post more about it.

  • PenguinScotty

    Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa are some must watch ADV riding films. If you even faintly consider riding long distances on a motorcycle, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

    I love the nod to Horizons Unlimited. It’s a bunch of amazing people all around the world that can help you. And the meetings are absolutely hilarious. You’ll see everything, from the guy that built his KLR himself to the high-dollar BMW guys.
    It really is chock full of information regarding long distance motorcycling.

    Thanks for sharing the vid. Haven’t seen this yet!

    • Groomez

      I love em. I prob watch them each month. Mondo Enduro (the book) is really good too. Awesome to see that these guys are back at it. I recognized his voice from the get-go haha

  • Martin

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this.

    People are too often mired in their concerns over not having the right bike or the right gear. Certainly, you have to make some informed and intelligent choices based on where you’ll be riding, but you don’t need the latest, greatest, so-called best. This is especially true if your ability to afford the top-end gear is what’s keeping you from making your trip happen.

    • Lawrences

      So true Martin.

      One time we “prepped” our diesel 4wd’s for a day trip into a bush lake by double checking our winch gear bag was on board, a pair of waders for hooking up in mud holes, high lift jack, shackles and straps, air compressor, check the fuel, travel in a 3 vehicle convoy … we carefully shifted to gears to provide internet approved wheelspin rates to traverse the mud holes, we carefully spotted our way around trees in an internet approved manner, we wheel in to the lake to find a young couple there fishin off the shore with their two boys – and their 94 Dodge Caravan parked in the shade with the picnic and lawn chairs under the tailgate. The one young guy in our convoy says “Is there another trail in here?” Us older ones were grinning.

      Phil Funnell rode solo around the world in the 60′s. He is an interesting man to listen to.

      • oldnick

        My old man used to be like that. He would drive down the roughest roads in his Daimler Soveriegn (a posh Jag!); including some pretty vicious roads in The Flinders Ranges. This was a long time before 4wds became popular and I don’t think it occurred to him that what he was doing was unusual.
        In the 70s and 80s it was the norm for people to attend bike rallies on all sorts of bikes. I can recall stories of people turning up on Honda CBXs after traversing 100s of Kms of tough dirt roads. Thanks to modern marketing we all fall into the trap of thinking we need special gear, and that is for all hobbies, not just with bikes.

    • Campisi

      Agreed. Half the fun of getting there is getting there with what you have.

  • Coreyvwc

    These guys, fucking heroes! I absolutely love seeing the Modern “ADV” scene being ridiculed in a manor such as this. Thank you for sharing this, someday, someday!!!

  • kinsler

    The simple fact of the matter is, you have the rest of your life to work.


  • Andy Gregory

    Ha, the patch on his shoulder is from the Boy Scout council where I grew up in Illinois. I have that to thank for some of my sense of adventure.

    Good stuff, and it’s really true, doesn’t take much to get out there and all the daily BS will be waiting for you when you get back.

  • wwalkersd

    OK, I’m not in position to watch the video right now, but:

    “He, his brother and some friends sort of pioneered the whole ADV thing, riding through five continents to circumnavigate the world back in the mid ’90s.”

    Umm, Robert Fulton, 1932. 40,000 miles, 20 countries, but only 3 continents. These guys got nuthin’.

    • Jesse

      + Jupiter’s Travels, et al.

      But that’s me just adding on the list of people who are more awesome than I, not knocking what any one of them has done.

  • BMW11GS

    Helge Peterson as well.