Finally, the Kawasaki Z800 is fully unveiled

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Leak after leak after leak saw us first publish photos, then more photos, a weird video about boxing and an acknowledgement of the 806cc capacity. Well, here’s everything else: a mess o’ high-res photos, horsepower — 111bhp, torque — 61.5lb/ft and price — €9,495 when it goes on-sale in Europe next year.

Gallery’s here.

  • Tim

    Ugh, what is it with Kawasaki and sharp angles?

    • Jon B.

      So gnarly—in a bad way.

  • filly-fuzz

    0 Class

  • laughrey

    I love this family of motorcycles. Very smooth, reliable, and fun to ride. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • aristurtle

    It’s fixable. Look at page 13 of the PDF, that’s what it looks like with every piece of plastic removed. Now, I don’t know about going that far, but you could remove 50-70% of it, attach a non-Transmorpher headlight, and have an almost nice looking bike.

    • je


  • Tommy

    I bet it will be fun to ride, and practical at that price.

  • Mark D [EX500]

    Is this just a sleeved Z1000, or does it actually have a proportionally smaller/lighter frame and wheelbase?

    Insurance-driven bikes are lame, but a 8/10th scale Z1000 is cool.

    • Wes Siler

      Sleeved motor, the chassis and whatnot isn’t identical.

  • Az

    I’ve got to jump in here too and say I like it. I really loved the 2003-2006 Z1000. I felt that it is a true naked bike, not a bike stripped of fairings but one that was designed to be uncovered and still retain the sharpness you want in a sportbike. The only reason I didn’t get one was the liter capacity – I didn’t need that out of my first bike, and still don’t.
    The current z1000 is bloated and over stylized, the direct competition to the Z800 – the yamaha FZ8, is just kinda boring and Suzuki isn’t even in the game in the States anymore (I really like the Euro-only GSR though), and don’t get me wrong, there are some dead-sexy euro nakeds, but not in a practical price range.
    So no, it’s not your all-around touring/commuter, and it’s not a racer, but the Z800 looks lithe and fun and shouldn’t break the bank. I can easily see this in my garage.