Honda returns to Dakar with CRF450 Rally

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Five-time victor Honda will return to The Dakar rally for the first time since 1989 with this new CRF450 Rally. The famously circumspect company offers little detail beyond a basis in the CRF450X enduro racer, but this will be a full HRC effort focused on speed, durability and, probably most importantly in 2013, efficiency, so don’t check your expectations.

The five-man HRC team campaigning the Honda CRF450 Rally will include Johnny Campbell (USA), Helder Rodrigues (Portugal), Felipe Zanol (Brazil), Sam Sunderland (GB) and Javier Pizzolito (Argentina) and will race together for the first time at the Morocco Rally on October 15.

It’s this HRC effort that most strongly promises to threaten KTM’s decade-long domination of The Dakar, which returns to South America on January 1.

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  • ike6116

    I think Señor Siler is excited

  • filly-fuzz

    Now this a real ADV bike!

    give it some light panniers and it would be perfect for ‘Adventure’

  • Scott-jay

    Nice exhaust sound @ start-up in video.

    Honda proto-types & race machines seem nearly ‘production’ fit & finish.

  • Troy R

    Street legal version please!

  • BMW11GS


  • Tommy

    Can i have?

  • Tommy

    But seriously, whats with that video, I could film and edit something better with my iphone. They need to get the icon dudes to help them out.

  • Ax

    What’s the deal with the vertical “windscreens” on rally bikes? I get that the instruments need to be mounted forward and protected but why aren’t the screens angled back even a little?

    • Wes Siler

      Most wind protection with the least real estate. High speed aerodynamics aren’t a concern.

  • webbiker

    Why is the black protector thingy so wide. This is a single cylinder bike, no?

    • Wes Siler

      Looks to me like it’s equipped with pretty deep, saddle-style fuel tanks on both sides of the engine.

    • BMW11GS

      Shroud for the extra gas tanks. Also that is where many of these bikes carry the extra oil, water and tools mandated by the race organizer’s rules.