Meet the new FJR1300, same as the old FJR1300, but with LED lights

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Making 101lb/ft, 144bhp and weighing 652lbs (wet), the 2013 Yamaha FJR1300 is pretty much the same as the old FJR1300, which debuted wayyyyyyyy back in 2001. Same frame, same motor, same most things. But, this new bike does have LED running lights and a long list of features! Anyone? Anyone?

Here’s what the new bike has that the old one didn’t:

- traction control (yes, the old bike also weighed 650lbs, which is in itself a form of TC but bear with us)
- cruise control
- switchable riding modes
- USD forks (along with electronic suspension adjustment, these appear to be optional)
- electronic suspension adjustment (ie selecting pre-programmed settings for carrying a passenger or luggage
- LED clocks
- at 6.6 gallons, a smidge more fuel capacity
- LED running lights
- Many more marketing buzzwords and acronyms

Here’s the photo gallery.

  • 10/10ths

    Other than the weight, and the five-speed tranny, was the Old Girl really THAT much behind the C14 and others in the class?

    Word is they handle pretty well.

    • Wes Siler

      Nah, it’s every bit as good. The K1600 is a standout, but the class itself needs to be brought back to relevance. Lower weights, broadened useability, better fuel economy.

      • Ganesh

        Wes is right – The fjr is as good , I have owned one for 9 years – bit this is truly disappointing that for nine years I am willing to plunk down good amount of money on a upgrade and everything sucks – the class needs to rethought – and stupid adventure tourers are not the answer just like fast suv is not a sport sedan like m5

        Sportbike quality components (suspension, brakes), modern pergormance and convenience electronics, lower weight (think 525 wet or below) – this should be feasible and desirable – not sure what idiots make product decisions

      • Troy R

        Wes is definitely right on this one. It’s not the late 80s, and it’s hard to design a bike to be manufactured for 15 years…

        There are others who deserve some blame too, my ST1300 is 8 years old, and they still make the IDENTICAL bike in 2012. I love the thing, but I still like to see improvement.

        That’s why BMW rocks. Incremental improvement constantly…not that they have done a whole lot to the R1200RT lately..

        • Ganesh

          after reading through many other sites, I think I even ok with the old engine – if only they can proper sport suspension with electronic adjustment, radial brakes, and lower the weigh by 75~100lbs I will take it .

  • 10/10ths

    Wes, agreed, but that is a hard nut for the manufacturers to crack with the new emissions regs. These targets for NOx emissions just kill fuel economy because they can’t lean burn and meet the emissions targets.

    Wes, ya think the K1600 is worth the price in size/weight over the FJR/C14 to make you choose it over them?

    Also, any thoughts on the Honda VFR1200F vs. the above?


    • Wes Siler

      The VFR performs the clever trick of combining sportsbike ergos with touring performance. Avoid.

      If I was in the market, I’d pick up a 5 year old FJR for cheaps. Or just get a lighter, more comfortable, more versatile ADV bike like a used GS.

      • BMW11GS

        Wes, good suggestion, Im liking you more and more again.

  • Bronson

    USD forks? I’m not seeing it.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, they’re not on the bike in the photos for some bizarre reason.

      • Ganesh

        wes, not sure where you guys are getting info.. but none of the other sites (at least 4) mention anything about electronic adjustment suspension or USD forks which by now is clear it does not have

        • Sven

          The AS-version does have EAS and USD forks. The one in the photos is the A version. Nothing bizarre about it.

          • Rick

            Good eyes, Sven: the Yamaha Motor UK site’s FJR1300AS specs page lists electronically adjustable suspension and USD forks, with plenty of photos. Will they come Stateside is the big question…

  • FiveG

    No complaints about my 2007 FJR. I did upgrade the seat and the suspension front and rear, and put a PCV in, but once that was done, it’s great on most roads (preferably the secondary, twisty ones) for short sporty jaunts and for 8-10 hour days. Do need to get some heated grips, tho’.

    • Gene

      Other than the fugly “minivan wine” color of the ’07… that’s the year I’m stuck with, too.

      • FiveG

        I actually like the color. But, then, I’m an old fogey.

  • Gene

    Also, I don’t think it’ll have Akrapovic pipes standard? And if you notice, there’s 2 different styles of mirrors… the first 3 pics have the current mirrors, and the rest have a different style.

  • Gene

    And the last 3 studio pics have a different fairing lower w/o the LED winglet thing??

  • mchale2020

    If it ain’t broke…

    I do like these bikes. I am tempted to snag one off Craigslist one day on the cheap and just fall off the face of the Earth for a week or two.

  • Ax

    More changes to the FJR detailed on other sites. For example, the fairing has actually been changed, including adjustable vents on the lowers to redirect engine heat.

    • Wes Siler

      I hear there’s a +120% increase in synergistic optimization of jargonistic acronym utilization in the owners manual (which is printed on lighter paper stock for higher performance) too, but we try and cut through that BS for you on HFL.

  • Rick

    My wish was for a Crossplane-cranked FJR motor of 1300-1400cc… dream on!

    • Steve

      That is actually what I would’ve expected- assuming they were serious about staying current. But honestly, this bike created (or perhaps updated? if you count the old Beemers) the class, set new standards, and did a damn fine job from the start- even by current standards. The features they’ve added help keep it attractive to anyone shopping C14′s or Beemers; I’m guessing that was the intent. I am a Connie rider, but only because in 2003 you couldn’t find an FJR on a showroom floor, and I really didn’t have the coin for it with them going for MSRP+ back then. I will still be upgrading to the C14 when I can, as that ZX14 engine is truly an awesome powerplant (I have ridden the next gen C14 through the mountains of WV and know first hand) but the FJR would be my very happy second choice.

  • Sven

    The motor is not the same at all. It is the same capacity as the old one, but it is an entirely new engine.