MV Agusta Rivale: first official sketch

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MV Agusta has distributed this sketch of its next model. Part Brutale 675 and part Ducati Hypermotard, the MV Agusta Rivale will use a stroked version of the company’s new three-cylinder motor, housing it in a large, supermoto-style setup. It’ll be released at EICMA in two weeks’ time.

Looking at the sketch, it’s easy to see what’s being borrowed from the F3 and Brutale 675. That motor, to start, then the sexy stacked exhaust the cast aluminum singarm pivot/steel trellis frame appears to be retained, but could be altered to achieve appropriate geometry from the now taller suspension.

What’s changed, radically, is the styling. From svelte and almost understated on the F3 and Brutale, the Rivale ers almost Diavel in its use of plastic, an effect likely exaggerated by the two vertical strip rear lights. Those book end a slim, long, supermoto-style one-piece seat. The bars are wearing neat little bash guards, likely emphasizing the Rivale’s roll as an urban hooligan bike, while the barely visible front looks extremely minimal. There does not appear to be significant wind protection of any kind. As with all other MVs, suspension, brakes and wheels appear to be top notch.

The end result is going to be a bike that chases a broad torque curve and flexibility over peaky supersport performance. When Triumph stroked its 675 triple to an 800 they took it from 124 to 94bhp, but also from 53 to 58lb/ft, delivered nearly 4,000rpm sooner. The result there is a motor that went from already powerful and easy to use, to torquey and even easier. Perfect for a big (or at least mid-size) supermoto like the Rivale. Like the F3 and Brutale, the Rivale will likely benefit from an advanced, switchable traction control system too. If they can keep the weight down, this thing could be a blast to ride on both city streets and through tight canyons.

Look for the Rivale to leak here a little ahead of its official debut at EICMA on November 12. You can follow all the EICMA news on the show’s tag page.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    This could be a hell of a weapon.

    But no doubt, it’ll be let down by little things….like fuelling. Or electrical issues. Or plastic fuel tanks.

    • AHA

      Or no dealer. Or no importer. Or no spares. Or no reliability. Or no development. All of which is beside the point if it’s an MV or a Benelli or a Moto Morini. Sigh. Deep conflict.

  • Taco

    I know it’s Halloween but that’s not a toostie roll in my pocket. I am in love with this.

  • Charlie

    I don’t even have my Brutale 675 and now I need a Rivale. Sketch looks great. Nothing like a little Italian flair to make the Speed Triple look like an abortion. Looks like the HD styling hangover is wearing off. Who gives a shit about fueling if the bike looks as good as this rendering

    • filly-fuzz

      I give a shit about fueling because I ride my bike more than look at it.

      but the sketch does look nice

      • Charlie

        I know, but all relative. I had 3 Brutale’s and one was worse than the other – with surging, stalling and harsh throttles. But that is part of the charm, no? My Hyper 796 was terrible under 3k rpm’s. My R1200RT was perfect…but it wasn’t as much fun. I’m assuming the new mapping will be tolerable. I just find that people always focus on the negatives – spending a fortune to work out the kinks

  • Coreyvwc

    A little flashy for me, but very cool none the less! Now if I could only get over the fact that MV’s 675 engine sounds like complete and utter garbage with the stock exhaust system…

  • Denzel
  • William

    This concept lacks confidence and therefore is extremely weak. It could be and is to a certain extent the Diavel, the Hypermotard, the Gladius, the Hornet and a set of pan pipes. I don’t like it.

    Compare this to the design of the early 90′s Ducati Monster or the 916… The simplicity of the 92 Fireblade or 98 R1. These bikes had presence and attitude.

    This by comparison has more ‘lines’ than a crushed can. Sorry but not a fan.

    • mchale2020

      I’m skeptical if we will ever see anything as attractive as the 1998 R1.

      • TreMoto_Eddie

        Pretty awesome meld of a Brutale and and Aprilia SXV if you ask me. A mid displacement triple is probably a great choice for this configuration as well.

        With that said, more praise for the 1998 R1. Get the Yamaha guys to synthesize that with Yz450F and create a bike of this style, perhaps with a Tenere-derived motor… Yeah, that could work.

  • the_doctor

    I didn’t realize it until just now, but I am in the market for a “urban hooligan bike.”

    • richard gozinya

      Then you should go get yourself a Buell.

      • noone1569

        Meh. I have a Buell XB12R and bought a Husqvarna SM610 as my urban hooligan bike.

    • mugget

      If that’s really the case, you should get yourself a proper supermoto…

      • nymoto

        ^ this! Something orange – tis the season.

  • Bald Shaun

    I like it. It looks sexy, and, oddly, kind of Japanese. Not Japanese like the always proficient, but sometimes bland, 600 and 1000cc sport bikes. No, Japanese like an anime. Like it leaves Akira style light trails in it’s wake as you bomb through the city and at a crucial moment it’s going to transform into a badass robot.