RideApart 15: Jamie vs Eric Bostrom

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Let’s say you’re a motorcycle racer. You don’t just get to ride the fastest, most sorted bikes on the planet, you have to, it’s your job. So where does that leave you when it comes time to ride on the road? In the case of Eric Bostrom, that’s a custom Kawasaki cafe racer. Jamie? The lariest CBR600RR streetfighter ever. They take both to Malibu for the latest episode of RideApart.

  • Jerry Guy

    Tighten your damn chain!

    • Scott-jay

      Maybe rear suspension sags into it.

  • James

    Can we get Jamie and Eric doing more riding together? This was fantastic; they were both giddy to ride. That’s what it’s about!!!!

    • Roman

      Gotta love the enthusiasm. These dudes have basically won at life and they seem to really appreciate this fact to the fullest.

  • pplassm

    How do I get to see that collection?

  • Glenngineer

    Who does the intro/outro music?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That’s a question for Nik. They’re out shooting right now, but I’ll get him to answer when they’re back.

  • Matthew

    I edit reality shows all day long and it’s SOOOOOO nice to see one about something that I like that is fun and well done. More please.

  • wwalkersd

    That was fun. EBoz and Jamie obviously haven’t learned the hard lesson you did about riding in jeans, Wes. Of course, maybe they just don’t fall down.

  • Scott-jay

    Eric was on-the-pole last weekend aboard Brammo’s e-bike.
    Team-mate, Steve Atlas, wins; Eric’s bike suffers gremlins.

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    jamie, do those rain tires wear easily?

  • The Blue Rider

    How do you guys get ideas for RideApart episodes? I envision it’s a mixture of pre-season planning and serendipity. Sometimes you make plans for a specific subject, another time it’s “Let’s hangout with EBoz for a day, he’s got a cool bike!” and there you go!

    Great stuff… Goddamn, Jamie’s bike must be LOUD…

    (Might I suggest exploring the strange relationship between beef and motorcycling? I’ve noticed that hamburgers seem to be the road food of choice, both for myself and others… thinking back to previous post about riding the V7)

    • contender

      SoCal is all about burgers. I don’t think it is a bike thing. I trended toward tacos while there, as a burger is usually just a burger to me.

      • http://somethingjustgotreal.com x

        lots of burger spots along nice riding roads.

        tacos are our main staple as well but are found in more in urban areas (poor for shooting shows about bikes).

  • paulo

    Just great, awesome to see such raw enthusiasm for bikes captured and translated to video without seeming forced or corny. A refreshing lack of short DOF artsy camera work and you get a real look and listen to the bikes.

  • Tommy

    I love their excitement for motorcycles. Good stuff.

  • robotribe

    That collection. DAMN.

  • 10/10ths

    Nice close-up on the Levi jeans. A little pay back for my Aerostich tirade after your shunt? Nice.

    Very nice.

    Great stuff, you folks make me smile every day. Keep it coming.


  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    wow, both bikes sound nassssssty. in a good way.

  • daniel dominguez

    awesome videos guys!

  • luxlamf

    Damn it more people riding the same roads I do but so much better at it!!! Great Video.

  • zipp4

    Haha, Eric sounds like he is permanently baked.

    Great vid!

  • Peter

    Wes, Jamie etc,

    What sort of wheels are on the Z1?

  • Johndo

    Wish they kept making the Dunlop tires that are on the CBR600…

    • http://slum.net cdeforrest

      ?? Just bought some from the link above, for my CBR600, of all things.

    • circuitsports

      your joking right? the tires on my ceeber were garbage at anything more than commuting with there almost comical crown.

  • Rick

    Good memories: EBoz attaining unbelievable lean angles on his ZX-7RR superbike through Laguna Seca’s turn 2! Did his elbow ever touch down? Hard to say, but it was BEAUTIFUL to watch, lap after lap.

    And good goin’ to Kawasaki USA for shitcanning that program and breakin’ up the band!

  • circuitsports

    saw the ceeber at the alpinestars event on Saturday and it was godawful loud. Sad Jaimes eardrums must be sad.

  • Justin

    jamie is awesome. i love watching his adventures.

  • Jesse Huff

    Both bike are great, different but in many ways the same. You can find the joy of riding on almost any bike