Robocop’s New Motorcycle

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Robocop is getting a refresh for the 21st century. Where the new, all-black suit and minimalist helmet have been targets of fan ire, this new police bike is actually looking the part. Angular, piecemeal fairings and wheel covers help achieve a Sci-Fi look, but the big change here is to ergonomics: a high seat, very low clip-ons and rear sets mounted way back on the swingarm have the wounded/rebuilt cop virtually laying down atop the bike.

Alex Murphy/Robocop is being played by Joel Kinneman (Safe House, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and the film will also see Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman star. The $100 million movie is suffering production delays, which will see it released in February, 2014.


These photos were snapped at the film’s set in Toronto. It’s unclear how exactly the bike is being used in the film, but on-site reports suggest Robocop uses it to roll up to various hostile situations, where he then dismounts to tell crooks, “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” We’re guessing they go with him in his new Taurus though, there’s no passenger seat on this new bike.

via The Daily Mail

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  • Troy R

    At Some point in the future we must learn that optimal peg input is through the longest possible swingarm lever. Uncomfortably stretched far, far behind the seat position. Sweet arm-guards dude.

    • robotribe

      He looks VERY uncomfortable; even for a cyborg. Then again, robo-junk is probably disabled, so he’s fine.

      • Duarte Vieira

        ^ +1 :D

  • nymoto

    What is it? (the bike)

    • Deltablues

      Judging from the front brake caliper…it looks like it might be some sort of Kawasaki. Z1000 maybe?

      • aadmanz

        Front fender and lower triple clamps sure look a lot like a Z1000..

  • x

    his poor balls

  • Chris Davis

    The cop cars in the original movie were Tauruses so I guess this is consistent.

    • aristurtle

      They’re gonna be Tauruses in this one, too. And in real life.

      I find it hilarious that that was the one thing the original movie predicted accurately.

  • Deltablues

    So, basically, Robocop rides like half of the Hayabusa/ZX-14 riders here in Little Rock.

    • Jesse

      I dunno, is he dragging enough foot?

  • aristurtle

    This reminds me of watching someone (probably on their first ride after buying a bike without any training whatsoever) riding down I-95 with their feet on the passenger footpegs.

  • aristurtle

    Also, why the hell is every studio re-making the eighties? The Total Recall remake was terrible enough; if they try and re-do “Back To The Future”, I’m boycotting Hollywood forever.

    • zipp4

      Ha! The dude was pretty good in “The Killing” series on AMC. If nothing else it should be a fun watch, just turn the brain off and enjoy!

    • RT Moto

      I really think the writers in Hollywood need to get back on some of those psychedelic drugs they used to be on. This whole remake non sense is terrible.

  • rohorn

    Once again, a movie about the future has vehicles in it that says too much about current design fetishes.

    • aristurtle

      The first rule of bad science fiction is that the future is like the present, only more so. The original Robocop didn’t take place in twenty-fifteen, it took place in nineteen eighty fifteen.

      • rohorn

        Indeed. It was both sad and funny in the mid ’80′s when the bad guys of the future wore Boy George makeup.

  • circuitsports

    supposedly robocop goes through a development phase during the movie and this is just one of his suits.

    The foot position allows for similar lean angle

  • paulo

    That’s some pretty sad prop design there both Bike and suit, suit looks like every sci fi suit in the last 10 years including blade, batman, iron man but sprayed rattle can black. Best use of a motorcycle in a sci fi film I’ve ever seen was a Guzzi 8V Griso in stock trim. cant remember the film but the bike was memorable.

    • scottydigital

      Yes, as far as how big the budget has to be for this movie, this is some of the worst prop design I have seen in a long time. Looks like bad 1980′s future, future…… Sad.

  • filly-fuzz

    Looks like a Panigale filled with fat.