Romaniacs like you’ve never seen it before

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Helicopter shots. Insightful, intelligent commentary. A clear portrayal of what makes the sport of hard enduro so interesting. A narrative arc. This high production value, 45-minute recap of the Romaniacs multi-day race may come several months late, but it casts a new light on an event we’ve only ever caught glimpses of through a handful of pictures or the occasional video clip. Now, if you could only watch Dakar like this…

Here’s the gallery link.

  • Tommy

    Someone call up redbull, and tell them to pay a bunch of money to call it the Redbull Dakar next year, and then we will get video like this. Cant wait.

    • pplassm

      Romaniacs much better than Dakar. Sorry.

  • PenguinScotty

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that this is some great coverage. Especially for such a, still, low key sport.

    It’s been great watching Hard Enduro evolve into what it has become today and i dearly hope that it’ll just continue on. Once the States gets a bit more exposed to it and perhaps hosts some events in the Championship, this thing could become absolutely huge.

    Jarvis has always been a threat, but now with Husaberg, he’s an absolute weapon. I feel a bit sad that Birch didn’t make the podium this year, but then again, all the guys ahead of him most definitely deserved to be there. Leti is a crowd favorite in Europe, understandably (i wish you guys could’ve seen his interactions with some of the german/austrian film crews last year) and Walker is the young-gun, pushing hard.

    Man, what can one say. I WANT MORE!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • bluemilew

    Watching these enduros makes me want to get a trials bike. Too bad I can’t find one on craigslist.

    • Bronson

      yeah, I love my supermoto but after watching this I wannt get back into the dirt so bad!

  • Denzel

    I love this stuff… muchos gracias

  • Coreyvwc

    These guys are clearly tough as nails, but I just don’t find this to be entertaining in the least… Or maybe it’s just Sal Masekela who has been annoying the hell out of me for a solid 15+ years now.

  • James

    Like you said, it boggles the mind that with the amount of money invested in the Dakar, no one has come up with a compelling way to cover it. I was enthralled by one of the threads on advrider where a forumite was competing because it gave the race a great narrative. All I ever see of the Dakar is a collection of jaw-dropping photos and the occasional 2-minute stage roundup on youtube. You would think that with a boatload of Go-Pros they could make an awesome retrospective movie.