Watch Adey get his stitches out

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Last month, HFL‘s resident fast guy, Adey, had a little crash on his Ducati Hypermotard that resulted in a complex external fracture of his fibula. Ouch. Yesterday, he visited our orthopedic surgeon, Charles Moon, to get his staples and stitches out. Double ouch. Of course he shot video.

Photo: Travis Langness

  • Bruce Steever

    Just stabbed my hand recently, for a grand total of… three stitches.

    I feel like a total wimp now…

    • Wes Siler

      As you should. Go stab it again like a real man, then use superglue instead of going to the ER like a girl.

      • PenguinScotty

        Funny you should say that. I cut my hand open from the palm, between thumb and index finger up to the tend of my middle finger. Went to the ER, waited there for about 2 hours, got pissed off, told them i’m leaving, went to Walgreens, got some glue and bandages and fixed it up myself.

        I ain’t got time to sit around for two hours!

        Heal up good, Adey. Hope to see you riding soon (If he isn’t already, which i think he is…)

        • adeysworld

          “(If he isn’t already, which i think he is…)”
          If you believe…I will ride.

  • longtravel

    So I wrecked a bike on Nov 4, 2008 resulting in a nice clean tib/fib fracture. Nothing complex like our good buddy above. One tibial nail and 4 screws later I took the bike out for a spin before the end of the year. Even if I was still in a walking cast and there was snow on the side of the road.

    Who needs articulation to run a rear brake, decent riding surface, or sanity? Not this guy. I’d bet Adey doesn’t either.

  • Eric

    so the fracture affected your knee?! sucks.However, considering you are a mover, I think the kinetic awareness part can be regained.

    • adeysworld

      I was stopped dead in my tracks from a 45mph+ slide by the wooden beam supporting the guardrail. The trauma from the impact is what affected my knee.
      I’m quite confident I’ll regain all my internal balance awareness. My workout history will come in handy with muscle memory training retention.

      • Porter

        I just helped my wife with an article on proprioception. Apparently people who do balance training regain proprioceptive abilities much, much faster than those who do traditional rehab. Just something to think about. Good luck!

        • adeysworld

          Good to know. Thx

  • Matt Coates

    Look at the upside, your cool scar cred just went way up.

    • adeysworld

      Yeh I’m well ahead of Wes now.

  • zato1414

    Cool Doctor, I’ll fly out to California the next time I’m in need of road damage repair.

  • Lucas Worthing

    Nice update video. That’s some proper scarring Adey, but you’re healing very well. It’s a process- step by step. Speedy recovery mate… rehab is key. I had some track time earlier this week at Buttonwillow, and a conversation sparked about our Aprilia Masters Event. I was wondered how you were healing when I brought your story up to some friends. Anyway, checking in and wishing you well. Know we are all pushing for you, and your strength/ balance/ recovery to get you back to 100%.

    • adeysworld

      Thanks brotha. See ya at the track soon…

  • Denzel

    There… Good as new!

    Heal fast dude…

  • NickK

    Just saw this. Man! Heal up fast. I know you will – it’s all about the frame of mind, and you got the right one.