2013 Aprilia RSV4 R Gets ABS Too

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The RSV4 R is benefitting from the same ABS and other refinements that were announced for the Factory at last month’s Intermot show in Cologne. That means one more horsepower and some minor adjustments to the position of the engine and seat to facilitate braking performance. Most importantly? The 2013 Aprilia RSV4 R now comes in matte black.

That ABS was co-developed with Bosch and includes the fitment of Brembo’s new top-drawer M430 calipers and master cylinder. It functions in three, rider switchable modes — Track, Sport and Street — which operate independently of the three riding modes, eight traction control positions and three wheelie control settings to offer an exceptionally user-tailorable riding experience.

Aprilia RSV4 R
2013 Aprilia RSV4 R

Aprilia describes the ABS function thusly:

- Level 1 Track: dedicated to the track (but also approved for street use), it
acts on both wheels and guarantees maximum possible performance, even in
the most intense braking situations at any speed. This setting takes nothing
away from the pleasure and performance of “pushing the envelope”.
- Level 2 Sport: dedicated to sport riding on the street, it works on both wheels
and is combined with an advanced tip over system (RLM – Rear Lift-up
Mitigation) which has progressive action based on the vehicle speed.
- Level 3 Rain: dedicated to riding on surfaces with poor grip, it acts on both
wheels and is combined with the advanced tip over system.

Aside from the paint, another aesthetic (and functional) change comes to the fuel tank: “which has been modified not only to facilitate placement of the ABS control unit, but also to increase riding range and to improve rider ergonomics: in fact, the total capacity went from 4.4 to 4.9 gallons, while the side panels introduce lines which increase the rider’s feeling during braking and in turns. This solution was borrowed directly from the Aprilia RSV4 used in the World Superbike championship.”

Aprilia RSV4 R
2013 Aprilia RSV4 R

Aprilia’s also taken advantage of the RSV4′s adjustable engine mounts to raise the heigh of the engine within the chassis, also adjusting the location of the swingarm pivot: “the RSV4 ABS engine benefits from different positioning within the frame.The possibility of adjusting the position of the engine within the frame is a peculiarity which is usually reserved for racing bikes and which sets the RSV4 apart from all the other bikes in the segment. This, together with a different adjustment of the swingarm pivot, guarantees greater stability and control of the bike in more intense braking situations; at the same time, it allowed the height of the saddle off the
ground to be lowered to 33 inches, to the advantage of riders of all sizes.”

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  • je

    Best tail section on the market today… Rest of the bike is meh..

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Ride one.

      • tomwito

        They are worth it for the sound alone. My friend has one with an aftermarket exhaust. It gives me chills…

  • carbon

    This thing sounds awesome. Wow!

  • Rick

    Miller Motorsports Park, 2010: Aprilia’s World Superbike mechanics backed a quartet of RSV4 racebikes out of the garage and simultaneously warmed them up. Aggressive, synchronized throttle blipping…a real crowd pleaser! Even members of rival teams came over and watched the fun, everyone smiling and nodding in approval…great idea, guys! The SOUND was unforgettable.

  • Kevin

    I assume all this is getting pushed to the tuono as well? Probably need to try one of those out for a while…at least until KTM can get that new super duke out the door.

    • Rick

      Supposedly it is all Tuono V4R-bound for next year, though “next year” for anything Piaggio Group is always a nebulous term.

      Photos have been seen recently of what appears to be a genuine undisguised Tuono V4 Factory, with ABS and this new RSV4 fuel tank. I’m actually surprised it isn’t debuting at the Milan EICMA right now!