A BMW S1000RR-powered Bimota

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BMW has announced that the 193bhp, 1,000cc, four-cylinder motor from its S1000RR superbike will be used to power a new Bimota. Scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow, the bike will continue Bimota’s tradition of housing world-class engines in innovative, exotic frames, creating small production run packages free to focus on extreme performance at the expense of cost and practicality. BMW and Bimota have collaborated once before, resulting in the BB1 of 1995 — an F650-powered sportsbike.

Rendering: Oberdan Bezzi

  • Rick

    Extreme and exotic beauty is guaranteed, but something capable of topping the standard S1000RR in any real sense? This is no longer the late 70s, when Bimota’s chassis technology towered above mere production bikes.

    Today these have become more like a $50K handmade wristwatch, great for the 0.1%er who demands exclusivity but that money doesn’t buy superior performance.

  • richard gozinya

    Meh, putting that engine into an exotic, may as well go all out and make it a Tesi.

    • Rick

      …or how ’bout shoehorning the K16 mill into something a bit sportier??? Now we’re talkin’…

  • http://www.tripleclamp.net Sasha Pave

    Ride like the 1%. It almost looks like plexiglass over the engine.

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    How much will one of these cost? car service

    • Paul Erna

      They are talking about a bike I think. They made a good car and there are plenty of quality cars for salebut this should be a bike

      • 1ChrisSharpton2

        Wow I never heard of a 650 car LOL