Al Jazeera does the Isle of Man

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One of the most intelligent, objective news networks out there in 2012, it comes as no surprise that when Al Jazeera decides to do a human interest piece, that piece gets done extremely well. What does come as a surprise is that they turned their resources on an obscure little motorcycle race that takes place on tiny island in the Irish Sea. Watch as Simon McGregor-Wood presents probably the most insightful look outsiders will ever get into the Isle of Man TT.

  • Brad

    HFL has it’s ups and downs, but stuff like this why I’ll always love your site.

  • BigRooster

    Does the first sentence seem off? It reads weird.

    • lowslydr

      Al Jazeera is actually one of the world’s most highly regarded news organizations in terms of objectivity – more or less BBC transplanted to Arabia.

      • Clark

        Its off grammar not off content.

      • Paul

        as respected as the BBC? its not that bad is it?

    • Ben W

      It does. One option would be starting with, “As one of the most intelligent, objective…”

      • lowslydr

        I see it now – subject verb disagreement?

      • isambard

        That still wouldn’t fix the faulty subject-verb agreement in this nightmare prose. Backwards ran the sentence until reeled the mind, as they say.

        • isambard

          Great video, mind.

  • RSassi

    It’s very refreshing and reaffirming to not detect moralistic judgment in the conclusion of his piece, almost as much as sensing you’re free from it during the course of your daily life experience as a rider.

    You could say it was “fair and balanced”.

    • austin_2ride

      Do you mean actually “fair and balanced”?

      • RSassi


  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Great stuff.

  • Slothrop

    This was really great to watch, but I always wish they’d give subtitles when Guy Martin is talking.

    • JVictor75

      Right!? I felt like clicking the language menu and looking for ‘Pikey’.

      Great, great film though. And I like how the reporter is taking time to respond to just about each and every commenter, and that the commenters themselves aren’t the usual denizens of YouTube.

      Faith in humanity very slightly restored.

  • Scott-jay

    Al Jazeera, £2.99 GBP per month; and still dishing subscription based journalism.

  • Lawrences

    Well done. Thanks HFL.

  • damien

    Fantastic piece. Hope to get there someday (to watch, of course.) Crazy bastards.

  • Ben

    I love Guy’s crazy face in that one part
    “well come on, can you name an other sport as deadly as this?”


    “on really, name one”

    “how ’bout…”

    “NAME ONE!”

    hahaha priceless.

  • Keith

    Great vid!
    BTW…”Pikey” is a derogatory term relating, I think,to gypsies.

  • MG

    AWESOME! Thank you for finding and sharing this on HFL.

  • Keith

    “well come on, can you name an other sport as deadly as this?”
    I would think sky diving is one that has a bad outcome if you fuck up.

  • carbon

    I agree with Brad. This post hit it out of the park. I used to equate Al Jazeera with pandering journalism; no more.