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Back when stock superbikes had stonking engines and shitty frames, Bimota created a neat little business for itself, housing those engines in good frames. But, when bikes started including handling as stock, the tiny Italian company fell on hard times. It tried some weird suspension, it made some Ducatis a little more special. Then, this year at EICMA, they rented a stand twice the normal size and showed up with 19 models. Wow.

Some of those models are, of course, things we seen before. There’s the 1198-engined DB8, the DB10 riff on the old, air-cooled Hypermotard theme and the hub-steered Tesi of course (now with cleaned-up looks), but now there’s a DB11 too, powered by the Testastreta 11 motor that’s in the Diavel and Multistrada. A Bimota with long service intervals, imagine that. Just in case you were worried Bimota had turned practical, they bolted a supercharger to one for 188bhp and called it the “VLX.”

What if you’re a Bimota enthusiast that wants to ride off road? They fitted spoked wheels to a DB10 and called it the DBX.

New too is the BB2 concept, which re-styles an S1000RR and an interesting take on the Multistrada, basically fitting the DB11 with flat bars and a really big fairing, plus design from the same firm that penned the BB2: sak_art design.

Unless you’re a wealthy bike collector with oddball taste, this is really just an opportunity to oggle how good steel trellis frames and swingarms look when combined with carbon fiber, minimal fairings and some lowercase Bs.

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  • Bruce Steever

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    There’s a reason that Bimota went bankrupt. It wasn’t a shortage of models on offer. It was a business model that revolved around making products that no one wanted, couldn’t afford, and weren’t able to purchase even if they did. Today’s motorcycle industry already has a Ferrari and a Lambo, we don’t need Buggati and Pagani too.

    • Devin

      But damn they are pretty…

    • JT Nesbitt

      Da Comrade! eliminate all forms of decadent western art and excess! we should all be broke, riding MZ TS250′s and driving Trabants! Down with the dreamers, craftsmen, free thinkers, and artists. All forms of transportation must be only assessable to the masses, and structured around a lowest common denominator design brief to satisfy those who are only interested in the theater of the mundane!…..(broke ass chumps like you)
      Seriously, Move to North Korea, where you can apply your considerable and sage motorcycle industry experience.
      PS- I own a Bimota and you don’t Nenya Nenya, Nenya — JT

      • Bruce Steever

        Broke ass chump indeed, but that allows me to speak for the majority!

        All jokes aside, i’m not saying that we should all ride the same volksmotorrad painted flat gunmetal grey, but is there a point to the Bimota brand?

        I think that Bimota should stop pretending to be a manufacturer. They are a customizing house, an aftermarket builder no different than RUF/Porsche. When they open a dealership with actual bikes in it, i’ll stop laughing.

        Now if you excuse me, i need to get back to annotating my Marx hardcover…

        • JT Nesbitt

          Your problem is that you are willfully ignorant of the history of Bimota. Before you write another post, at least “wiki” it so that you are not showing your ass in public. Perhaps you will come to the realization that PEOPLE and PASSION are what build great motorcycles, not factories.
          Just because the bikes aren’t sold at your local WalMart does nothing to diminish one of the greatest brands of all time. — JT

          • TreMoto_Eddie

            JT, JT, tell him what dat is!

            • Bruce Steever

              Your problem is that you are dismissive of anything or anyone that isn’t you or what you aspire to. I am not dismissing or denying what Bimota has done. Instead, I am arguing that Bimota cannot be ‘back’ because they were never really ‘here’ in the first place.

              I am very aware of Bimota’s history, and it is exactly that past that resigns the brand to history, or to the garages of rich pricks like yourself.

              I have no problem ‘showing my ass’ in public, as compared to being an ass in public.

              • JT Nesbitt

                My SB8R cost twelve grand. SB6′s regularly trade on ebay for under seven. Mantras for five, older DB’s anywhere from five to ten. YB’s regularly change hands for under six. So “rich”- no. “prick” – Gladly accepted considering the source. — JT

                • JT Nesbitt

                  Furthermore- Those guys are over there in Rimini busting their asses to make the motorcycling world a more interesting place for us. Making motorcycles that are as good as they can make ‘em. Fueled by passion, never acquiescing to the accounting department. And there you sit at your keyboard running them down, talking shit on my friends and kindred spirits…having contributed nothing yourself. Fuck you. — JT

                • Bruce Steever

                  I’m not the one attacking people. But I will say that I accept your criticism. I’m sorry you feel that I am running down your friends. And that you feel that I am sic a worthless addition to the industry.

                  My bike cost me $2,500. You are rich to me. And your behavior here proves you are a prick. Of course, that is only my opinion.


                • Bruce Steever


                  Wes, you need a forum moderator, class up the place a bit.

              • Racetrack Style

                Re-read your 1st comment. A lot of those words dont apply to the swing arm design above or Tesi front-end, let alone bimota’s emphasis on a complete package in the earlier years when it wasn’t common among all manufacturers.

                The words in your 1st comment also don’t apply to a supercharged super bike, either.

                Why get worked up over HFL’s headline & one aspect to the definition of “manufacturer” ?

                Is Erik Buell also not ‘Back’ ? Seems like he is back more than ever!

    • Scott-jay

      In days o’ glossy moto-magazines Bimota offered something, maybe it was lust.
      Today, Bimota is a vintage brand.

  • je

    The DBX is one of the coolest bikes I have seen in a long time. Thats possible the perfect commuter. If the price was with in reason, I would considering buying.

    • john

      I Love it too..looks like it’d put all the adventure bikes to shame.Thanks for the great gallery.

  • The other Joe

    When I read “they rented a stand twice the normal size and showed up with 19 models”, I thought you were talking about female models! But that’s OK, these are nice to look at too!

    • Wes Siler

      I said Bimota, not HFL.

      • rohorn

        I’m looking forward to seeing that gallery.

        I think.

        • Wes Siler

          Just come to the party.

  • holdingfast

    OUGH these look like so much fun! Love the retro futuristic flavor going on there.

  • Racetrack Style

    anyone else think it is a significant trend in the indusrty to see bimota make a sport tourer, regardless if you like the looks or not?

    They should consider a re-tuned R1 motor for a ST. That could be a good way for Yamaha to get people fired up for the rumored crossplane-powered ST in 2014.

    swap the bags for a larger set.