Casey Stoner, a Tribute

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Casey Stoner

Last weekend, Casey Stoner rode his Honda RC213V to first place at the Australian GP, finishing his motorcycle racing career in front of his home crowd. To commemorate the occasion, Australia’s Channel 10 produced an hour-long documentary about the rider. You can watch it in full here.

  • John

    Third place?… Try won ;)

    • Wes Siler

      D’oh, thanks. Was reading the results wrong on Didn’t get around to watching that race.

      • Gene

        TL;DR version of the race:
        Casey hauled ass into the sunset like a raped ape, Jorge struggled to stay less than 10 sec behind him, and Dani slid off to give the championship away.

        I agree with why he’s leaving, but I’ll miss him (and MotoGP) nevertheless.

        • Sophocles Tsangarakis

          Why is he leaving? As far as I’ve heard it’s the rule changes but I don’t think I’ve got the whole story.

          • jp182

            The rule changes and probably the manufacturer politics game.

            • *

              Plus he’s done it all and has nothing left to prove. If I were a new dad like him, I wouldn’t want to miss all those important firsts in my kid’s life either.

          • mugget

            Kind of. From the bits & pieces I’ve been able to pick up it’s also a lot to do with the media commitments – he is a racer, he’d rather just race and not have to bother with that stuff. He’s not a real fan of CRT either.

            And I think also the other changes like shortened practice sessions, not getting much time to actually “enjoy” riding. Once they’re on track it’s 100% all the time, and it’s pretty dangerous…

            I think the one thing that would bring him back is if they switched to 2 strokes and banned traction control and other electronic aids.

            • David

              “if they switched to 2 strokes and banned traction control and other electronic aids.”

              ^ this. Bring on the big 2-strokes w/ modern chassis, suspension and tires. Good fuel injection so it’s controllable, and let ‘er rip. I’d watch that.

          • Andy Gregory

            I think he says like 3 times in the video that a big part of the reason is that he felt like a really serious injury was inevitably forthcoming?

  • carlos guarderas

    Have you seen how hot his wife is? She is probably demanding, and worth his time to go home pound that booty! Divorces are expensive!

    • Scott Pargett

      she’s always had a strong yoko vibe to me.

  • carlos guarderas
  • AHA

    The guys is a GOD. He’s been the best rider in the top class for the last 3 years and many fans haven’t even noticed. Even the other riders say it – Casey just rides around a bike’s faults and finds a way to wring it to the limit plus maybe a bit more.
    During qualifying last weekend Ryder & Moody pointed out he’d spent 1 race lap not in first position in the last 5 meets at Phillip Island. Helluva record at such an awesome track.

  • Troy R

    No longer a valid link :(

  • Hap

    Anyone have a good link? CS is my favorite rider partly because he was the first (and only) to tame the Duc

  • holdingfast

    noooo link expired! anyone?

  • Nicolas

    Thanks for the dick tease, HFL! Link is inop.

  • barryg

    Effin’ Dorna! When will they realise that all their pissing about with ‘control’ is turning off more casual viewers who could be a valuable asset to US MotoGP interest.
    They’ve screwed up ‘racing’ and won’t ever get it back until they listen to the enthusiast and not the corporate money men.