For Suzuki, 2013 is all about color

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While the rest of the world was distracted by EICMA last week, Suzuki was holding its annual dealer conference in Vegas. Beset by the financial woes of its car division, 2013 looks to be another pass year for Suzuki. They’re going to import the naked GW250, the ‘Busa comes in yellow, the GSX-R1000 gets a “One Million” special edition paint scheme and the Burgman 650 scooter’s been facelifted. That left the big news to be about not 2013, but 2014, instead. It was announced the new V-Strom 1000, only seen in light concept guise so far, will be imported into the US, likely starting next summer.

GW250, you say? It’s a naked commuter bike that’s already on-sale in Japan and Europe. While the success of other affordable 250 models from companies like Honda might have you excited over the prospect of what could essentially be a CBR250R with flat bars and no fairing, our intrepid Dutch correspondent Joost Overzee reports that 24bhp and 403lbs (curb), combined with baby B-King styling doesn’t equal much to write home about. You can read his full review here. No price has been announced yet.

A yellow Hayabusa?! Yes! We’re pleased to report that the Hayabusa is indeed available in Pussy Magnet. It also gets Brembo Monoblocs and ABS. 150mph standup wheelies on the highway just got that much safer (and more vibrant).

One Million GSX-Rs. That’s how many have been sold since that first GSX-R750 wayyyy back in 1985. To celebrate, Suzuki’s painted its flagship model in some pretty blue/light blue/white colors and added a red nose that reminiscent of the original Bol D’Or GSX-R endurance racer’s numberplate. That Thou is still lacking traction control and ABS, makes do with an inadequate shock and weighs too much, but hey, 1 million!

Big scooters are awesome. They’re fast, efficient, comfy, easy and fly utterly under the radar. They’re what cruisers would be if cruiser riders were willing to ride good motorcycles. The best of them is the Burgman 650 and for 2013 it looks a little more lithe, gets a little better ABS and some new exhausts. That’s not much, but it’s still a great way to get around.


  • Gene

    Is that puce/magenta beaked monstrosity the new V-Strom? At least I have a new benchmark for “ugly”!! Keerist on a pogo stick.

    So does anybody else have the impression Suzuki’s hanging on by bare fingernails?

    • Glenngineer

      I really wish they’d just let go so the rest of the world can capture some of that market and do a little fucking R&D with it.

    • Chris Davis

      Profile looks like Woody Woodpecker in the petrified forest.

      Nobody needs me to Photoshop that GSX-R to know the red intake is all wrong.

      Are big scooter buyers averse to good looking products or do the manufacturers just combine tooling amortization with their personal watercraft lines? If they could get their heads out of the space ship paradigm maybe we could get somewhere with this segment.

      • Wes Siler

        You never cease to crack me up Chris. Spot on as always.

      • robotribe

        What? Didn’t you know that a red clown nose on bikes is tomorrow’s hipster ‘stache decal?

      • Bruce Steever

        Big scooter buyers are primarily car buyers, thus their questionable taste in styling and their sometimes ridiculous “desired feature” requests. Your comparison to both marine styling and 50′s future-tech is spot on IMHO, though.

        But the Burgman rules the maxi-scooter class in this country, so it must be doing something right. And with the obvious caveat “for a scooter”, the new Burgman actually looks pretty good. Ya know, for a scooter.

  • NewOldSchool
    • Mitch

      Hah! Came here to post just that. GSXR-1000 Mandrill Edition!

  • Core

    Is Suzuki Motorcycle even really trying any more in the US?

  • Scott-jay

    Hayabusa looks good in Pussy Magnet. Goldwings sported same color some years back.

    (Suzuki haters, fall down & fester in the dust!)

  • the_doctor

    Woof, that PMY ‘Busa looks like a rabid bumblebee.

  • robotribe

    Props for at least being consistent: the ENTIRE line-up is painful to the eyes.

  • Corey

    So does the whole Santa Cruz basketball team get free yellow Hyabusas?

    What an ugly blob of a motorcycle.

  • muckluck

    Wheres the DR650 with EFI and better suspension?

  • nightscout13

    HFL has disqus now! FTW! :) This will be fun

  • Bryan Paynter


  • Mark

    The ‘busa looks like a fat chick squeezed into a size small one-piece leather riding suit. All bulgy and rolls.

    • Bryan Paynter

      Agreed, the earlier Busa’s were way more attractive I feel. The tail on these just looks like a manatee or some other odd, bulbous mammal hanging over the tyre.

    • nightscout13

      diarrhea yellow

  • Jordan Jones

    I would just like to go on record and state that the special edition GSXR looks better than the LE R1 we got last year.

    Sticker packages aren’t really my deal but I’m just saying.

    • Heatsoak

      At least there are a few new models… Yamaha didn’t bring squat this year…

  • Scott Jameson

    punch-list: Chrome, home page reports (17) comments. Post presents 5 comments.

  • nightscout13

    My favorite color is red. But I don’t like the placement of RED on the new 1K.

  • adam

    the price of the GW250 in new zealand is 2 grand cheaper than the other 250′s on the market including the hyosung. which makes it seem like a good buy here, it’s interesting just how insane the difference in value proposition can be depending on the country you are from and what the manufacturer and tariffs can do to the price point.