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By now, you know the standard formula for making a women’s leather suit: take an outdated guy’s item, widen the hips and sew on some tribal roses. Make sure it’s only offered in a condescending color palette and, voila, job done, yet more women put off riding. But not this new Alpinestars Vika range. Specifically created to flatter the female figure while offering significant protection it should elongate here, emphasize that and not be saggy there. Definitely not there. And who better to test those claims than an actual woman. In this case, Lisalla Montenegro.

Photos: CJ Wilson

If you opened this article hoping to once again debate the quality of the leather or the benefits of yet another new leather suit over the previous offerings by various companies, you might want to hit the back button and move onto a different article. But just in case you really want that, here’s our spec review: it has removable CE-certified shoulder, elbow and knee protection, pre-curved arms, and zippers to connect the pants and jacket together. It meets the same standards for quality displayed in everything Alpinestars makes. But all that’s pretty boring. Let’s move on to what Lis has to say.

HFL: Have you worn a full motorcycle suit before? Would you?

Lisalla: I had not before the Vika. It seemed excessive for me right now – I’m a new rider and safety is my priority but a full race replica one-piece suit isn’t my style.

HFL: How does Vika compare to other motorcycle suits?

Lis: It is just way more flattering than any other woman’s suit I ever seen, and for me that counts. Riding a motorcycle while still looking cool is way more fun…kind of like that girl from the T-mobile commercial. She looks confident on the bike, and I think it is great to have women riders. Hopefully the Vika suit will help girls get more into riding.

HFL: Would you be seen dead, wearing it in public?

Lis: Absolutely, I felt like the new Bond girl wearing the Vika. On top of wearing a sexy two piece leather — it’s also very safe which for a beginner like me is necessary.

HFL: Strictly on bike rides, or could you wear it to ride to, say, a restaurant, then wear it in the restaurant?

Lis: Yes, I’m planning to wear it every time I ride my bike, no matter where I’m going, although it might too sexy for some places…haha. it’s a lot of leather!

HFL: Are you wearing an off-the-peg suit or a custom fit one?

Lis: I’m wearing an off-the-peg two piece leather. It fit right away, like a pair of my jeans.

HFL: How’s the fit for streetwear?

Lis: My boyfriend comments about it more than any of my other clothes, he thinks it is sexy.

HFL: How’s it fit on the bike? Is it flexible and comfortable?

Lis: Flexible and comfortable, It’s form fitting, which is important. When I’m on the bike I don’t want to be thinking about it, no distractions, just riding

HFL: Would you feel confident crashing in it? Does it feel like it would offer good abrasion resistance and impact protection?

Lis: Definitely better than just jeans. It could use a little more armor protection, but that’s just me being careful. Hopefully I never find out!

HFL: What are you doing about a back protector?

Lis: I have a back shell for underneath which is very valuable for those who love riding safe. Cannot ride without it.

HFL: Is it easy to walk in? Is it restrictive at all?

Lis: Yes, it feels easy to do anything while wearing it. The only thing is the outfit itself will draw a lot of attention, which is fine for me when I’m looking stylish.

HFL: Does it flatter your figure or detract from it? How and why does it do that?

Lis: Yes, it definitely flatters my curves more. It fits a woman’s body perfectly, it has the right cuts. You should probably ask my boyfriend some of these questions, he’s the one who picked it for me…haha.

HFL: Is it saggy in the ass like all other bike suits?

Lis: I’m Brazilian, so I cannot wear anything saggy on my booty. That’s why I love Vika, it’s perfect for a womans’ butt.

Vika and other Alpinestars products are available at RevZilla, which offers a no-hassle return policy so you can make sure you get the right fit.

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  • Frosty_spl

    This is relevant to my interests.

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    So it does fit a thinner frame just fine. Cool.

    I’m not sure how she rides without securing her hair in some fashion. Mine is just a tad longer and there is no way in hell I would ride like that — that being said her hair is gorgeous and I’m a tad jealous;-)

  • Wereweazle

    How tall is she? It looks like the suit rides way up on her legs and arms. Kinda scary.

    • Johndo

      Yep she’s hot, suit looks great, but sleeves and pants are a few inches short.

  • Josh

    Are the pants as short as they look? I’d be nervous if that’s exposed skin between the bottom of the pant legs and the boots… As a tall guy, short arms aren’t bad if you wear full gauntlet gloves, and the armor is adjustable.

    • Sean MacDonald

      Lis has what some may call an unusual body size. she’s about 5’10″ and, while I didn’t ask her what size pants she wore, a quick look at the size charts here which show that their smaller pants have an inseam of 28-29″ which is pretty short.

      Fortunately, most women are not this size and there is a better chance the Vika suit will fit most women better (length wise).

      The point was that astars made a really nice, really nice looking suit. As with anything, we recommend you go try one on before you buy or order from a site with a hassle free return policy to make sure that it fits you the way you like.

      • Josh

        I’d say the fact that the general fit and armor placement is good for someone on the edge of the fit chart actually demonstrates even more that it’s nice gear.

        Maybe she just needs taller boots. ;)

      • kat

        i got the Vika jacket, bc, well, i like sexy leather jackets. the pants are too short for me too, and i’m also 5’10″. i feel like i’m not that tall, but maybe i am. anyway, the jacket fits perfectly, even in the arms, but i wear gauntlet gloves. i think it’s not too bad on her if she was wearing better gloves, but agreed the pants are just too short, sadly.

  • Mr. Hooboro

    The mrs here…again.

    So after the hoorah around Astars video launching the vika line and how it was all based around a pretty model who looked afraid in the presence of a motorcycle you guys tested this suit with…..another model new to riding who has never worn a leather suit and has no basis of comparison? Right. Come on guys you’re better than this. But I guess I finally got the memo- this suit is for girls new to riding who are only in it for the image, not for a real love of riding.

    • je

      I like girls with hips.

    • jc_thorn

      I can understand the frustration at having an uncommonly-shaped, banging woman used as the “test subject” and also at having someone who hasn’t worn a full suit before, but suggesting that she doesn’t have “a real love of riding” is unfounded, unsisterly and frankly a shitty thing to say. It is possible to love riding but not want to look fucking ridiculous.

      • Mr. Hooboro

        Point taken. But I still can’t take this girl seriously. “As a new rider, safety is my priority” but then one piece suits, the absolute best protection you can get, “isn’t her style”. Clearly safety isn’t the priority. She also admits it could use a little more armor protection, again ditching her statement about safety being a priority. “Hopefully the vika suit will get more girls into riding” – a statement that seems to suggest girls should get into it for the image, not for the actual riding.

  • Ax

    “Specifically created to flatter the female figure…”
    Maybe an adolescent boy’s. Sorry, but c’mon, most women have some meat on their bones that results in sexy curves that clearly distinquish them from males of the species.

  • Bald Shaun

    Well, it flatters her figure. But come on! She’s a frickin’ model. She could wear a burlap sack and make it look good.

    How does it fit a normal woman’s figure? How about a lady with curves?

    Sorry, though nice to look at, this offers very little insight on the gear.

    • Sean MacDonald

      That was the point. The stuff coming out from big companies like Alpinestars and Dainese is all up to their standards. This isn;t some new company who’s quality we don’t trust. If they come out with some new technology or feature, we’ll cover it. We shouldn’t/don’t need to post reviews regurgitating the spec list from their site so we reviewed the suit based on what was new about it. There are a lot of people who’s issue with riding gear is that it is hideous and doesn’t fit and we wanted to address this.

      Now, I happen to think Lis has plenty of curves (a quick google image search or perusing of her linked website may or may not make you agree with me) but I can also tell you I have ridden with 2 other girls who do not have the same body type as she does. If I’m being honest (sorry girls), it was surprising how well it fit both of them and how flattering it looked. They were both extremely happy with it.

      You’ll see another girl wearing it in an upcoming episode of RideApart when a Facebook friend of the team filled a last minute spot on the episode and showed up to the shoot wearing it. It was the first time the rest of the guys had seen one on the street and everyone was pretty impressed.

      • Bald Shaun

        First off, thanks for the awesome website and the well thought out reply. However, I wasn’t talking about specs. You’re right; I can easily get that from the retailer link you included. I was talking about trying to divine how the gear would look on a normal woman’s body. For instance, Revzilla does a pretty good job of using attractive, but realistically shaped ladies to model its gear:
        Check out the videos here and here.

        I mean no disrespect to your model. She’s gorgeous. And I realize that there is absolutely no one who could accurately represent all women’s varying body types. However, by choosing a rail thin Brazilian model, it’s as if you actually tried to pick the body type that would represent the absolute least number of female riders. Hell, the fact that Alpinestars doesn’t even make gear that fits her is evidence of how uncommon her body shape is.

        Now, I don’t blame you. If I were in your position, I’d probably want to work with models too. But I feel your readers would be better informed by seeing how the gear looks on more realistic frames. (It’s not like you’re using Daniel Craig lookalikes to model the male gear, is it now?) And surely the opinions of riders who aren’t just starting out would be more insightful as well.

        OK, rant over, I still love the website and look forward to seeing this gear in the next episode of RideApart.

        • Sean MacDonald

          Totally fair.

          To be honest, she is just the first person I knew to get one. She is a friend and was really happy with the suit and I thought she would serve well as an expert on deciding whether she liked how it looked or not. That and I figured our readers wouldn’t mind pictures of her. We didn’t give her the suit and our intention was surely not to use her as the bar for how it fits, just as someone who is picky about what she wears.

          And I’m offended you don’t think my body is similar to Daniel Craig’s.

        • kat

          thanks to someone for thinking i’m realistically shaped instead of freakish! woot! (i’m in the D19 jeans.) if you want a real (not model) woman’s opinion on the Vika, please do contact us. i’m not the only girl on staff at RevZilla (we’ve got lots!) and we’re happy to help you figure out how it will or will not fit you. :)

          • austin_2ride

            Someone else feels you’re “realistically” hot, not “freakish”!

      • Ben W

        I’m looking forward to seeing others in this gear. Lovely as Lis might be, her curves are vastly different from the average female rider who complains about gear.

        Her last comment, preferrably read while looking at the side profile pic (2nd in the article) is fine evidence. Wes packs more in his trunk – at least with some swelling.

  • stempere

    I just want to see The Onion wearing it.

    (just came back from 3 weeks in madagascar, did enduro for the first time -awesome-, i have a lot to read…)

    • The Blue Rider

      I just want to see Ms. Onion, full stop. But I like your thinking!

  • bluemilew

    How long til we see Wes in one of these?

    • Sean MacDonald

      send us a case of four loko and i can have something posted probably by Friday

  • Gene

    Interesting… so the few girls I hang out with that ride and are shaped like Lis try to disguise being female as much as possible. They wouldn’t look twice at this stuff.

    I asked why, and it’s because they get a ton of really rude shit from male drivers.

    Is this a SE US or Florida sort of thing?

    • kat

      i’m shaped (ish) like lis, and i agree that when the cops are looking for you it’s lucky if they think they’re looking for a dude, but other than that, i want to look like a woman.
      btw, astars touts this as part of their CITY collection, not track, not gsxr600 ripping down the freeway. ladies, please keep this in mind.

  • The Blue Rider

    “Photos: CJ Wilson”

    …the pitcher?

    Sleeves too short or not, I’m glad that a reputable gear company is stepping up and making decent gear that doesn’t try to make women look like “The Whore” or “The Princess”.

    Honda needs to hire her to make ads for that baby CBR. She sells it.

    • Sean MacDonald

      the one and the same.

      • The Blue Rider

        Cool – I figured there aren’t a whole lot of guys in L.A. named C.J. Wilson who hang out with models and moto journalists! I knew he was into photography as well as racing cars, but I never knew if he rode.

        Got a shirt with his name on it in my closet, he was my favorite Rangers pitcher. Any chance he’d show up in a RideApart episode?

        • Kyle

          Let me get this straight… you have a Brazilian model in an HFL article, and instead you want a Pitcher in a RideApart episode?

          • Cro


          • The Blue Rider


            Kinda goes without saying, doesn’t it? Did I really need to ask that? Seriously?

            But while we’re at it, they could try for the T-Mobile girl too.

  • Chris Davis

    The pants are drastically different from those shown in the Alps promo video – more protective, less attractive, which is unfortunate I think, simply because it now lacks that differentiation. At this point it’s simply a swap of stretch Kevlar for accordion leather. The pants were what made the Vika so novel.

    Big props to them for eliminating the butt sag though. There are no pics of it here (or the OG Alps vid) but the Revzilla video demonstrates it clearly.

  • zero

    Damn Brazilians…

    I need to go to Rio, and soon.

  • circuitsports

    my favorite part is they only offer it in black for the fat Americans, keeping the sexier and classier champagne version for the EU

  • Dan

    Good lord, why are people so upset about the choice to put a pretty girl in a photo shoot? HFL is an enthusiasts’ magazine, not a catalog.

    Anyway, what’s exciting about the Vika line is that it has styling that isn’t overtly insulting to women’s intelligence. I’m not kidding- I have a brand new alpinestars Stella Anouke suit hanging from the door in my office waiting to be returned. Men’s suits don’t come covered in little Tonka trucks, so its not clear why every single other womens product from alpinestars is covered in flowers.

    My only decision now is whether to give the Vika a try or just go straight to a custom suit for her. I do hope the Vika boots make it here though- nice looking womens riding boots would be in a class of one.

  • fletchty

    Why dont men have something as sleek/retro-ish as this? (but clearly for men)

  • Colleen Boretto

    can you tell me if you think the pants fit true to size. just worried that they will be too snug or too baggy depending on how they fit.