KTM 1290 SuperDuke: teaser images

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KTM today released these dark, moody images of the new SuperDuke, saying, “The special creation boasts an engine unit bored to 1290cc, has ride-by-wire, a new frame and swingarm, super-fine WP suspension, trick wheels and a throaty roar.” The KTM 1290 SuperDuke is scheduled for an official release at EICMA on Tuesday.

What can we see in these shots? Well, the original Superduke theme — angular, aggressive lines, with the visual weight and emphasis hovering above and behind the front wheel — is made more dramatic. There’s a large triangular headlight, visible in the front-on shot and an exposed tubular subframe at the rear. That latter item is angled upwards to an extreme degree, recalling the German streetfighter scene of the ’90s.

That engine also sounds pretty exciting. The LC8 used in the RC8 and now 1190 Adventure has been punched out to something in the middle 1,200cc range, likely for an emphasis on a strong torque curve. That motor already makes 92lb/ft in Adventure guise. Matching or exceeding that in a lightweight naked would be…interesting.

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  • frick

    “Ready For This?”, What the other side say? “Hold The F*#% ON!”?

  • PenguinScotty

    Now i feel ashamed for not figuring out the engine tone. Guess Austrians are too easy to predict, based on the dealer meeting slide.

    It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like in the flesh. It seems to take a lot of queues from the new Duke. Much less stuff on it, more aggressive.

    Will be interesting!

  • Bronson

    I just got wood.

  • Johndo

    Just like I had finally calmed down and decided to go with reasonable bikes that would help me keep my license, they launch something like this…thanks :(

  • Bruce Steever

    Is that a pressurized reservoir front fork i see? Like the Ohlins FGR200 forks (which retail for a cool $10k)?

    Tent: popped.

    Shit: getting serious…

    • Your_Mom

      It appears to be that type of fork, except that KTM uses WP suspension components pretty much exclusively. The blog post this is from says it will have “…super-fine WP forks.”

  • Roman

    Guess this bike makes my (V-twin) Tuono look like a tame commuter, eh?

  • Jon B.

    Single-sided swingarm on a ktm? Rad.

  • jonoabq

    Every time I get a new ride I think to myself “I’ll never want or be able to use more than this”…and every time I find that I am wrong on the “want” portion. This looks very promising.

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