KTM RC 250 R: this Moto3 racer’s for sale

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“The basis of the Production Racer is not much different to our Grand Prix motorcycle,” states KTM’s head of customer racing support, Wolfgang Felber, before going on to detail the differences between the bike you see here and the bike the factory races. “The GP bike is only adapted to suit the current Moto3 regulations, for example it runs with the regulation Dell’Orto electronics unit, has a maximum of 14,000 revolutions and has an Akrapovic exhaust system that allows 115 dB. OZ magnesium wheels, a factory braking system with dual brake disks from Brembo in the front and WP Suspension elements all save weight – but basically these are also components that can all be fitted to the RC 250 R Production Racer!”

That’s right, for just $54,000 you can buy the bike you see here.

We first showed you the KTM Moto3 racer a year ago and told you they planned on selling a production racer version back in July, but this is the first time we’ve seen these (incredibly sexy) images and learned full specs.

Where KTM’s factory machine is Moto3-specific, the KTM RC 250 R is meant to be more generally applicable to any class that allows four-stroke 250s. Its 249.5cc single has dropped its rev-ceiling from 14,000 to 13,500, reducing power to 49.6bhp. Dry weight is just 181lbs. You could pick this thing up and load it into a pickup all by yourself.

Yielding the tiny, beautiful bike you see here is a combination of knowledge that’s surely unique to KTM. The factory credits its old 125GP program for the aerodynamics, ergonomics and geometry know-how, MotoGP racing for the engine technology (specifically in the cylinder head and throttle body), its RC8 R superbike racing program for the trellis frame and electronics development and its long history in motocross racing for the engine’s lubrication system, transmission, clutch and valve gear.

You can read more about the KTM Moto3 engine here.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer is keen to highlight the connection between this bike, KTM’s racing program and the company’s push into small-displacement street bikes, saying, “All of KTM’s knowhow come together in the Moto3 Grand Prix motorcycle and it represents the technology from offroad and that which has already been proven in road racing. Internally there was a knowhow transfer between R&D, motor sport and production development…The KTM involvement in motorcycle racing at the highest level reinforces the brand positioning in the street bike segment and is an advertising medium for our latest range of smaller displacement street bikes!”

And here’s full specs:

TECHNICAL DATA OF THE KTM RC 250 R (Production Racer 2013)

Motor: Single cylinder, 4-stroke motor, DOHC
Displacement: 249.5 ccm
Bore/Hub: 81/48.5 mm
Performance: min. 37 kW at 13.000 revs/min
Max. Torque: 28 Nm at 11.000 revs/min
Compression ratio: 14,5:1
Starter/Battery: External starter / 12 V 0.8 Ah
Transmission: Cassette transmission, 6 gears, 3 options
Mixture preparation: Oval throttle body, 2 injection jets, Ø 50 equivalent
Cooling: Water cooler + oil-water heat exchanger
Generator: 12 V / 70 W
Lubrication: Semi-dry sump, 1 pressure and 2 suction pumps
Primary drive: Straight toothed: 2 transmission options
Valve drive: chain driven, intermediate wheel, radial arranged valves and DLC coated rocker arms
Clutch: Multiple disk clutch in oil bath
Motor management/ignition: GET by Athena ECU, GET by Athena Software MAYA EVO, adjustable motor brake/traction control/launch control/fuel mapping/ignition mapping/pit lane limiter, automatic switch, Interface for data recording

Frame: Steel tubular frame, steering head and adjustable swing arm pivot
Subframe: one piece Wethje carbon subframe
Swing arm: Upside down formed, welded aluminum
Handlebar: Full aluminum clamps, exchangeable handlebar
Front suspension: WP RCMA 3548 fork Ø35 mm, adjustable spring preload suspension, compression and rebound damping adjustable over 20 levels
Rear suspension: WP BAVP 4618 shock absorber, adjustable length, hydraulic preload adjuster, High-/Low-Speed- compression damping and rebound damping over 20 levels
Triple clamp: cast aluminum, adjustable, 28/30 mm offset
Front brakes: Brembo single disk braking system 290 mm, radial brake caliper and radial hand brake cylinder
Rear brakes: Braking-brake disks 190 mm, Formula radial brake caliper and formula brake cylinder
Front/rear wheels: OZ forged aluminum 2.5 x 17’’ / 3.5 x 17’’
Tires front and rear: Dunlop 95/75-R17 / 115/75-R17 Moto3 M Slick
Chain: 415 chain, rear sprocket 16 – 18T, rear sprocket 34 – 42T
Silencer: Akrapovic Full Titanium System with silencer 107 dB (open), additional dB killer 100/103 dB
Steering head angle: ± 1° with optional steering head insets
Steering head position: ± 6 mm with optional steering head insets
Wheel base: 1210 mm ± 35 mm
Ride height: adjustable ± 6 mm
Seat height: 760 mm, adjustable ± 6 mm
Tank capacity: approx. 10.5 l
Weight without fuel: approx. 82 kg

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  • JC

    Me + that bike wet wouldn’t even break 400lbs.

  • Kevin

    sweet jesus

  • Andrew

    A hundred and…a hundred and eighty pounds? WAT.

    • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

      I was pretty up on this bike, then I read that dry weight and now I’m in love with it.

  • Bald Shaun

    50 ponies and 180 lbs? Damn that sounds fun!

  • zero

    With a 2.7 gallon tank that gives a 196lb bike Fully fueled. That’s crazy. Do want.

  • Julian

    Beginner-bike it isn’t.

  • NewOldSchool

    Know what has similar power to weight at only 1/5th the cost?

    FORMULA 450!

    Whhyyyyy has this class not taken off?

    • Kevin

      because you have to build one

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      It seems like it’s starting to take off. For 2013 Yamaha Racing is offering the YZ450GP in Australia for $16,625.

      Looks like a pretty sweet bit of kit. And they go pretty damn fast with a good rider onboard.

    • rohorn

      Lots of answers/conspiracies/etc… here

      Be sure to read the “Related Articles” at the bottom.

      The 450Moto blog pretty much died after those articles came out…

      • NewOldSchool


  • kat

    swoon. let me just save up $54k right quick…

  • Caleb

    I want to know how tall/short the rider needs to be!

    • Coreyvwc

      If you have to ask you’re probably too big.

  • Mr.Paynter

    I’d be in size-wise. Now I just need to buy some lottery tickets!

  • http://rider49er.blogspot.com Mark D [EX500]

    If I think this is sexier than the Brazilian model in the leather suit…is that a bad thing?

  • Glenngineer

    Weighs less than me. Probably better in bed, too.

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Total bargain.

  • protomech

    12V 0.8 Ah battery eh. Some smartphones have more battery capacity.. but probably doesn’t need any more than that.

    The tech specs claim a single Brembo rotor in the front. At that little weight, a single rotor is probably just fine.

    I’d love to see this on the track vs the Amarok P1. 200 pounds fueled + rider and 50 hp vs 320 pounds fueled + rider and 80 hp..

  • Dan

    Do you think this means that the 2014 “Moto 3 350″ US-bound production bike in the leaked KTM presentation was a typo? Or is there likely a cheaper version of this in the works that ditches the tuned engine to bring costs down?

    I’ve always wondered if a high-spec 350 makes sense. Dont get me wrong, I really want them to build it. A bike like that would be an absolute track weapon, but a 350
    motor makes it ineligible for the lightweight racing class it should dominate. So to buy it you’d have to be a well-funded track fanatic with a penchant for small bikes yet no club racing ambitions – which sounds like an awfully small market. A de-tuned 250 would have much broader appeal – although that would mean the presentation text was a mistake.

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