KTM’s 2013 Dakar Rally team

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Preparations are now well under way for the 2013 installment of the Dakar rally. This year promises to be more interesting than most; not only does the rally start in Lima and end up in Santiago for the first time, passing through Argentina on the way, but KTM’s decade-long dominance is now being challenged by factory efforts from both Honda and Husqvarna. Here, KTM snappers pull out the cameras to capture Marc Coma, Cyril Despres, Joan Pedrero and Ruben Faria dialing in their new 450 Rallys.


We’ll be providing comprehensive coverage of the rally, you can follow it on our Dakar tag page.


  • AHA

    KTM’s dominance of the 2-wheel Dakar has been so complete that they have spawned a legend that will endure well after they stop winning the top X places year after year. Rather like Porsche and Le Mans & Touring Cars up to a decade or so ago.
    Honda and Huskie (BMW=ca$h) et al will eventually overcome, probably by buying all the best riders and getting a machine that’s c.80% as good. It’s a proven formula.
    The legend will live on however.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Rodriguez/100000456677232 David Rodriguez

      true. KTM has the two best pilots in the world. There should be more competition though. Dominance is boring.
      Wht do u mean BMW=cash?

      • AHA

        I mean that either BMW (or Honda) could buy KTM for the same money that they spend on postage stamps. Google their turnovers & you’ll get the picture. Either could throw cash at the Dakar (like a soccer club owner would) and eventually erase KTM from the event.

        The reason KTM has the two best pilots is the same reason their bikes are also most privateers’ steed of choice: They dedicated the last 10 years or more in developing the best possible machinery for the event. They forged world dominance from this focus and, like it or not, created Adventure biking.

        You’re right, dominance becomes boring. But before that, it’s awesome and before that, it’s heroic. Particularly if you are a tiny, independent company from a place in Austria that I can’t spell.