London’s bike thieves are at it again

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On Tuesday morning, six robbers rode tasty motorcycles through London’s Brent Cross mall on their way to a smash and grab at jewelry store Fraser Hart. There, three of the robbers filled bags with $3.1 million worth of Rolex and Cartier watches, while the three getaway riders kept potential heroes at bay with an axe.

One of the guys on guard duty started smashing 2nd-floor glass railings before his antsy partner told him to chill out.

The bikes involved were all excellent — a KTM 690 Supermoto, a Triumph 675 Daytona, and a Triumph Speed Triple (we’d pick the Supermoto and back-it-in during the getaway). It’s likely all three were stolen — motorcycle theft is a huge problem in the UK, with 22,000 motorcycles stolen each year.

This is the latest in a string of similar incidents. Organized gangs in London have identified motorcycles as excellent getaway vehicles, enabling them to quickly flee through the city’s gridlocked traffic. Bikes are such a popular form on transportation there that, even two-up, they’re able to quickly blend in, while full gear enables them to hide their identities, intimidate passers by and protect themselves from broken glass and would-be heros.

  • Troy R

    I don’t support crime but, Wow this is badass.

    Nice of the speed triple to light his hazard lights for safety.

    • Sean MacDonald

      just his blinker

  • zero

    Honestly, that was pretty bad-ass.

  • Frosty_spl

    Holy shit! During the day! That’s nuts.

  • Daniel

    Awaiting Gopro footage.

  • circuitsports

    meh this is like another poorly written holywood movie. plus as anyone knows whose ever ridden a street bike in a mall – waxed floors will be the end of you.

  • James

    Love the fact the guy on the Triple had his hazards on. True Brit. Safety first!

  • Mitch

    Triumph Street Triple – good for riding hooligans, actual hooligans

    • AHA

      Only 1 out of the 3 a KTM shock! The factory will be gutted.
      When your brand is endorsed by real life hoodlums, you don’t need film star adventurers.
      Too bad it looks like Triumph have got in there now with product placement bucks. Don’t envy the rider on the Daytona (crap steering circle, low grip floor etc.)

  • Kentaro

    Really sucks for whoever was in the store and mall at the time, there could have easily been people hurt or killed. Too bad it’s impossible to arm and defend yourself in the UK, hope these guys don’t kill any innocents in their future crimes.

    • Andrew

      You can arm and defend yourself, just not with a gun. As it stands, no one injured, and some insured watches were stolen by people shown on numerous CCTV cams. I think that’s probably the best possible outcome. I don’t think tossing a civilian a gun and letting them take potshots in a crowded mall would be a better solution.

      • Aaron


      • Devin

        I do.

        Just the thought that out of everyone in the mall, someone WILL be carrying may be enough to deter these criminals.

        • Tony T.

          Because that is hugely effective here in the states?

          • Wes Siler

            That’s why there’s zero violent crime here.

        • Andrew

          Not a lot of people are willing to shoot someone for stealing an insured watch from a business. At least I hope.

          • Barry

            You obviously don’t live in Texas. I know people that won’t leave the HOUSE without their concealed carry, and are just itching to have a reason to use it.

      • COD

        When axes are outlawed, only outlaws will have axes! Since the cops and the populous doesn’t carry, the criminals dont carry. pretty good illustration of the arms race we are in.

        • Kentaro

          @Andrew… yes this was the best outcome since no one was hurt. Civilians don’t get tossed guns and are not supposed to take potshots, ever. Same way people should never commit crimes…
          @Wes… there is violent crime in every country. If crime rate statistics should be the basis as to how people are governed, we should be a dictatorship.
          @COD… you are giving criminals a lot of credit, suggesting that they make decisions based on logic. Perhaps you would think differently if these criminals decided that they didn’t want any witnesses that could testify in court and opened fire on civilians with a firearm they bought off the black market.

          • Andrew

            My concern is that they do take potshots. Even trained soldiers in war miss a sizable number of the shots they take. I have no expectation that normal citizens will be able to place the bullet in the target, especially in a high-stress situation. Of note, see almost every cop shooting ever, in regards to hit/miss ratio.

    • Gregory

      Guns don’t defend.

      Martial arts defend.


  • Urinat0r

    Here is an image taken by one of the bystanders

    • Bronson

      If I was on that KTM I would have ripped a sick wheelie for the cameras then rode down an escalator.

  • Gregory

    As they rode away, the last bike dropped something at the 1m 53s mark. It looks like… a strap? Maybe an umbrella? A handbag?

    I wonder what it was…


  • John

    There’s nothing badass about this. They’re cunts, pure & simple. Their choice in bikes is no saving grace. I’ve prosecuted enough of them to know. The people in that store were petrified. Seriously, take it down.

    • zero

      I understand that you don’t like the attitude many (myself included) have taken on this, and I understand why. I also can tell that you have a personal interest.

      But the fact is, when a non-violent crime is that brazen people are interested in it. It’s the same reason that people love watching the ghostrider videos where he flips off the cops, street racing videos, that stupid saudi drifting stuff(which actually kills people pretty regularly), or pretty much any movie ever.

      Is it an unhealthy attitude? Sure. There is certainly an odd obsession with crime, particularly in the US/UK. Are these guys cunts? Of course and I don’t think anyone here is planning to emulate this.

      Should anyone be taking this (or any other crime) video down? Absolutely not.

    • Kentaro

      I agree with you but I don’t think this video needs to be taken down.

  • Michael Engle

    It was this guy, only he’s moved to Britain, obtained a better bike and found friends.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Shopping in England looks like fun! Gotta try out a 690 or an ST now.

  • gsx750f

    Maybe the police now will take bike theft seriously for a few days. This were surely stolen bikes. At least one of them had a license plate. Could be fake, of course, but I think the bikes were stolen.

    • Gene

      Maybe a whole 20 minutes, then they’ll go back to hassling hookers and staking out doughnut shops.

      In the States, my money would be on “motorcycles aughta be illegal!” except the British bike folks are a bit more stiffnecked.

  • Adrian_B

    What a bunch of a-holes.
    Now there’s another reason for the public to dislike motorcyclists. (sigh)

    • Sean MacDonald

      yes. im sure most people will assume all of us are now looking to ride into the nearest mall and hit up a kay jewlers.

  • stickfigure

    I’m just amazed that people stand around watching. There’s a bunch of assholes doing bad things and they don’t have guns. At one point it would have been pretty easy to knock over a bike or two. A good swing to the helmet with something heavy as they try to drive off could have delayed the getaway.

    It’s hard to respect idle bystanders. I’m with the Texans on this – fuck criminals. This is your community – do something.

    • Tim

      Really? You, as an unarmed person, would take on 6 fully geared up motorcycle riders with an ax? What is it with Texas anyway?

  • gsx750f

    Of course Mark, of course…

    Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to stickfigure above, doh!

  • coredump

    $3.1 Million in watches??? What kind of overpriced bullshit did they get? These guys stole a bunch of status symbols for the rich to show off to one another with, didn’t hurt anyone, and I’m supposed to feel hard up about this? I think I’ll be able to sleep okay tonight.

    • domiken

      So that makes it right? Let me steal your overpriced motorcycle and see how you feel about it.

      • coredump

        I’m not going to lose any sleep over someone taking watches from Rolex, they’ll be okay. Now if you think that’s the same as stealing another man’s bike… I disagree.

  • domiken

    Pretty cool and messed up at the same time. Too bad you can’t have guns and defend your own store.

  • KB

    Criminals suck. These guys suck. Nothing cool about it. People who want money without work steal from each of us who earns it.