Nicky Hayden meets the new Ducati Hypermotard

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So the new Ducati Hypermotard has a liquid-cooled, 821cc motor that adds 20bhp for a total of 110 while dropping 9lbs of weight. What happens when it meets a MotoGP rider with a background in flat track racing? Sideways happens. Duh. Nicky just posted this screen grab from an upcoming marketing shoot on his Instagram.

  • Tucker Marolf

    He’s 6-9th in MotoGP races but #1 in my heart

    • Relyks

      Damn, he’s slowed down. I havent followed moto GP in a while but when i was last following Hayden and Rossi were the fasest. Stopped watching as soon as they switched to 800cc

      • nightscout13

        Too much young talent now. Marquez will shake things up with the “Simoncelli” riding style. Overly aggressive.

  • Potreroduc

    Dude, nobody shuts up and goes to work like NH69. I hope that he’s at least having some fun…

  • Relyks

    I’ve never understood the appeal of these huge supermoto bikes… or really most “dirt” bikes over 500cc. Why would someone want one of these?

    • Noah Porter

      because they find them fun?

    • Heatsoak

      Stop thinking of them as dirt bikes and you’ll pretty much get it. Search “Suzuki UK – Adventure when you least expect it” on YouTube.

    • Jonathan Berndt

      dude, ride one, they are an absolute blast!

  • Jordan Jones

    … Anybody else hoping that with the new blood behind Ducati’s MotoGP R&D that we will see Nicky be fighting for the front in the future? The dude puts the hard work in to make it happen and deserves the chance more than anybody else on the grid. He got cut a crap deal by HRC and Repsol when they ostracized him after all the effort he had put in with Honda up to that point and it would benefit the entire GP scene to see him competitive again. Between him and Bens Pies, it would be monumental for American road racing to see those two helping get next season’s Ducks up to speed, too.

    • Justin Penney

      Given that he was slower than 2 WSBK bikes at testing in Jerez … no I don’t think we’ll see a Ducati up front. They have a great team in place but I don’t think that bike will be sorted out for the 2013 season.

      • Saucier

        from r/motogp: Aprilla had been there for three days and were on Superpole tires. Ducati had just gotten there and Hayden had been testing two different Chassises and multiple swing arms. Don’t read too much into it. Also the WSBKs are frequently faster than some of the GP boys when you compare Superpole laps to GP Qualifying.

        • Justin Penney

          “I did a 1m 40.4 on an SC1 tyre and although we went to try an SC0 [qualifying] tyre at the end of the day, with the low sun and so on, I thought we would give it a miss,” Sykes explained.

          Sykes was number 2 and down .455 on Hayden.

          Ducati has the talent, they just need to get them on a bike that will work for them.

  • Heatsoak

    Ditch the belts and the desmo cams and i’ll buy one.

  • Michael Prichinello

    I have the last gen 1100SP edition Hypermotard. I ride in NYC, so it’s good for fighting pot holes, cabs and great for sliding through the obtuse corner of Varick to Canal street on my way to work. Super fun. It’s going to pitch me over the bars one day very soon.

  • Bryan Burnett

    I knew i had seen this somewhere before…

    • nightscout13

      Was that his dad?